Nashua Nutrition - Shaker


Do you ever notice how you dismiss the most simple things until something really innovative comes along to change your whole outlook? Well this is one of those things - the shaker bottle of all shaker bottles.

The Nashua Nutrition Shaker!

Think about it. Isnt it hard to find a shaker bottle thats big enough to mix a real protein shake? One thats designed to actually shake without you wearing the protein drink. One thats easy to use and easy to clean. Its here.

The 24oz Nashua Nutrition Shaker is all that and more. It has an extra wide mouth for hassle-free mixing. Scoop in the powder. No spill, no mess.

The 24oz Nashua Nutrition Shaker design comes with a blender screen, a non-slip lid, a drinking spout, a see- through measurement window and is tapered to fit in most automobile drink holders.

Get your very own Nashua Nutrition Shaker today and make preparing ultra-smooth protein shakes an easy process from start to finish.

Nashua Nutrition - Shaker

Brand: Nashua Nutrition

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