What’s the IPA Diet and How to Follow It

What’s the IPA Diet and How to Follow It

The Ideal Protein Alternative (IPA), using only products found at Nashua Nutritiontreats the actual source of your weight gain. Instead of just losing the weight, the IPA Weight Loss Method will transform your body by improving your metabolism, and fixing bad eating habits.  

The IPA Diet works by reducing carbohydrates and fats while increasing your protein intake. This will preserve muscle tissue and protect vital organs, ensuring they’re working to their full potential. In addition, the IPA Diet is safer than competing brands because it contains less saturated fats, no trans fats, no aspartame, no monosodium glutamate, and no genetically modified organisms. So, you can feel confident knowing your body is getting the quality nutrients it needs (and nothing it doesn’t) 

As you begin your wellness journey, you’ll want to choose the IPA compatible products that are not only healthy but delicious, too. We recommend trying a few of our personal favorites: 



Shakes & Puddings 

Are you ready to take the next step? Start by joining the Ideal Protein Alternatives Facebook group so you can connect with the IPA community. This great free resource will guide you towards the best products, provide support and encouragement, and offer advice and direction. 

Remember you’re not alone! Nashua Nutrition is here for all your IPA Diet needs, including an IPA calculator so you can stay on track. Keep an eye out for occasional promotions and always receive fast, free shipping on orders over $89.  

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