Holiday Eating Tips for Post-Bariatric Surgery

Holiday Eating Tips for Post-Bariatric Surgery

So you’ve recently had bariatric surgery, and the holidays are here! While it’s a festive time of year to spend with family and friends, the holidays can be difficult for those who have recently had weight loss surgery. Food and the holidays go hand in hand, but don’t worry, weight gain is not inevitable! Check out the following holiday eating tips for those who are post bariatric surgery:

Begin your day with a healthy breakfast. It has been proven that a healthy breakfast is a key to fighting food cravings and overeating all day long, and this is especially important for post bariatric people. A protein-packed breakfast like a delicious Bacon & Cheese Omelet or warm Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal hits the spot in the morning and satiates you until lunch.

Don’t arrive at the party hungry. You are setting yourself up for disaster if you arrive at get-togethers with your stomach growling. To avoid wanting to eat everything at the holiday buffet table, make sure you eat a few hours beforehand. Or better yet, bring a tasty Protein Bar with you to holiday gatherings.

Eat protein first. If you’ve had weight loss surgery, you’ve probably been told to eat protein at meals first. Because protein is so important for burning fat and revving up your metabolism, eat small amounts of protein first. Try some lean ham, chicken, or turkey before you eat anything else.

Don’t keep leftover food. If you’re the one throwing the holiday party, don’t keep any of the leftover treats and snacks in your house. Give them away to neighbors or party-goers so that you won’t be tempted later when all the company is gone.

The holidays are a time for family get-togethers and celebrations, and tempting treats are often a part of the fun. With a little planning and focus, you can successfully and happily get through the holidays after bariatric surgery.

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