Attention Coffee Lovers! Here's Our Take on the Whipped Coffee Trend

Attention Coffee Lovers! Here's Our Take on the Whipped Coffee Trend

The latest trend making its way across social media is the Dalgona whipped coffee. This yummy coffee treat is easy to whip up from the comfort of your home! Here’s how:


2 tablespoons of coffee

2 tablespoons of sugar (or skip the added sugar and calories and substitute with your favorite syrup)

2 tablespoons of hot water

1 ½ cups of milk (or non-dairy option like coconut or almond milk)


Whip together the instant coffee, sugar, and hot water for about 5 minutes or until it’s thick and foamy. You can whip by hand or use an immersion blender.

Tip: Use a small, narrow width bowl. This will ensure your beater reaches the deepest levels of the mixture.

Put your milk in the glass or cup you plan to serve it in. Pour the whipped coffee mixture over it and drink up!

Make it your own!

  • Do you prefer iced coffee? Simply add ice to the glass before adding the milk.
  • Want some extra sweetness? Drizzle your glass with a chocolate syrup before adding the milk. You can even top it off with any of the Skinny Mixes Foam toppings.
  • Do you take cream with your coffee? Add creamer to your milk.

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