Athlete Diets Must be Impeccable in Order to Achieve Success

athlete diets are important when players want to play at peak performanceNew York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was recently suspended for 211 games, the harshest penalty handed out to 13 players recently who were caught using and possessing a number of forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances over the course of a number of years.

Of course, Rodriguez is under a lot of pressure to perform, from the team as well as the fans. He had an incredible run earlier in his career, becoming an All-Star by the age of 20 and appearing ready to break the all-time home run record. Unfortunately for the aging player, as of late, his enormous pay check coupled by failures in the playoffs have made him the butt of many jokes.

With all of that pressure placed on MLB players to live up to expectations, some take the steroids route while others take the higher road by ensuring their diets are impeccable in addition to putting in the hard work required to be their best.

Athlete diets are a key factor for achieving success and avoiding the dark path that using steroids can bring. The right diet often makes the difference in accomplishing just about any athletic or fitness goal.  A diet that includes high quality sports nutrition supplements can play a significant part in allowing the athlete to reach success without the risk of harming their health and their career.

Building mass

You don’t need steroids  to build muscle – instead consider adding Serious Mass by Nashua Nutrition which when combined with proper diet along with intense workouts can help an athlete overcome that brick wall when it comes to gaining weight.

With 50 grams of protein, along with creatine, glutamine and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, this is an excellent supplement to help support your goal of achieving a powerful physique.

Energy and endurance

It takes a lot of energy as well as endurance to get through a tough workout. Even if you’re on one of the best athlete diets, it can be enhanced by including BSN-No-Xplode. This special blend helps to support adults in experiencing increased energy, better performance as well as muscle development and all types of fitness training.

Don’t make the mistake Alex Rodriguez and other athletes have by turning to dangerous compounds – athlete diets are best supplemented by high quality nutrition and intense exercise instead of steroids.

Basketball player Kevin Ware Stays Positive as he Recovers from Devastating Leg Injury

Kevin Ware's athlete diet and recovery

Louisville Cardinal basketball guard Kevin Ware shattered his leg in a freak accident during the NCAA regional championship game at the end of March. On that fateful Sunday night the sophomore player leaped into the air to contest a three-point shot and when he landed, his tibia broke on impact and shot a piece of the bone through his shin.

Following the gruesome injury, Ware underwent a successful surgery to reset the broken bone. His bone was set and a rod was inserted into the right tibia in order to stabilize the bone while it heals. Just hours after the surgery, Ware, continuing to remain positive was carefully walking and telling his teammates to “win the game.”  Of course, they did, and went on to capture the ultimate prize, winning the National Championship on Monday night, April 8.

Ware seemed to give his team the spark they needed to take it all, and his positive attitude will go a long way in recovering from the injury as well. Despite the severity of his injury, as the athlete is relatively healthy and young, his recovery is expected to be long but he still may be able to get out on the court in his junior year.

Diet is crucial for injury recovery


For someone healthy, it could take anywhere from three to six months to recover, with athlete diets playing a key role in that recovery process. A healthy, balanced diet is crucial in order to rebuild muscle and bone as well as damaged tissues.

Including plenty of whole, fresh organic foods as well as those packed with anti-oxidants like dark leafy greens and vividly colored fruits and vegetables like carrots and berries in athlete diets can help boost the immune system and speed recovery.



Creatine, a natural compound made within the body, can determine how quickly those muscles and damaged tissues can regenerate. Studies have shown that supplementing with creatine can enhance skeletal muscle regeneration and protection. Athlete diets that include creatine were proven to shorten recovery time, helping muscles recuperate faster, making it especially beneficial for athletes with sports injuries to get back to their game as quickly as possible.

The bottom line


For Kevin Ware, he’s likely to have a team of health experts making sure he gets the proper diet, including creatine, and with his positive attitude the odds increase that he’ll be back on the court early next season.