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Interested in trying all 15 Kay's Naturals great products? The 3-Day Meal Plan Variety Box will give you a typical three day example of how the Meal Plan can work for you.

With the 3-Day Meal Plan you should receive one, single-serve bag of the following items*:

* The manufacturer may substitute if a specific product is not available.

  • Cereals
    • Apple Cinnamon
    • French Vanilla
    • Honey Almond
  • Puffs
    • Almond Delight
    • Veggie Pizza
  • Pretzels
    • Jalapeno Honey Mustard
    • Cinnamon Toast
    • Original Flavor
  • Protein Chips
    • Chili Nacho
    • Crispy Parmesan
  • Cookie Bites
    • Cinnamon Almond
    • Honey Almond
    • Mocha Espresso
  • BBQ Snack Mix
  • Kruncheeze

You will receive 15 items and a FREE 3-day flier explaining how to use this Meal Plan! The 3-day flier is only used as an example of how the 3-day meal plan can work for you, there are 4 items that are duplicated in the flier that will not be in the box.

Kay's Naturals - Grab N' Go Variety Box (1 Box)

Brand: Kay's Naturals

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