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HealthSmart 15g Protein Shots are the easiest way to get your protein. HealthSmart 15g Protein Shots – Cran-Grape lets you get your protein in a couple of sips without needing to consume an entire protein shake. This can be great if you’re in a hurry, are traveling without much room to carry extras, or just had bariatric surgery and can’t fit much in your stomach.

HealthSmart 15g Protein Shots – Cran-Grape are only 2.5 ounces. It has the tartness of cranberries mixed with the sweet juicy taste of fresh grapes, with none of the sugar. Each serving has 15 grams of high-quality protein and branched chain amino acids to fuel working muscles, and it is sugar-free and has only 60 calories. 

  • 60 calories
  • 15 grams protein
  • Sugar-free
  • Fat-free
  • Aspartame-free

HealthSmart Protein Shot - Cran-Grape (1 Shot)

Brand: HealthSmart

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Cran-Grape Cranberry Grape Health Smart Health Wise HealthSmart HealthWise Protein Shot

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