National "Protein" Cereal Day - Save On HealthSmart Cereals Today!

Today is  "National Cereal Day" and all of us here at Nashua Nutrition want to help celebrate everybody's favorite breakfast by offering a great discount on some of our very favorite Protein Cereal.

Today only, we are offering these delicious protein cereals from HealthSmart Brand for just $11.95!

HealthSmart Cereal - Cinnamon (5/Box)-Nashua Nutrition

HealthSmart Cereal - Cinnamon (5/Box)

Price: List Price $12.95
HealthSmart Cereal - Rich Cocoa (5/Box)-Nashua Nutrition

HealthSmart Cereal - Rich Cocoa (5/Box)

Price: List Price $12.95
HealthSmart Cereal - Honey Nut (5/Box)-Nashua Nutrition

HealthSmart Cereal - Honey Nut (5/Box)

Price: List Price $12.95