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Appetite & Weight Control:
A Control snack between meals is a delicious and healthy way to control your appetite and reduce calorie consumption at your next meal up to 21%. Control snacks unique formulas safely and effectively control hunger by helping to prevent a key trigger of appetite - low blood sugar.

Use Fat...Don’t Store It: 
Control snacks healthy balance of low-glycemic carbohydrates inhibits fat production and storage by preventing the surges in insulin that stimulate the body to produce and store fat. As a result, your body can access and use its stored fat as energy.

Increased Energy: 
The combination of ingredients in Control snacks dramatically slows the release of energy from food to prevent low blood sugar and provide a continuous source of energy. This results in increased physical stamina and improved athletic performance.

Better Sleep:
A Control snack before bed can reduce blood sugar lows by 75% resulting in a better night's sleep.

Quick & Convenient: 
Going too long between meals can cause symptoms of low blood sugar (headaches, light-headedness, difficulty concentrating and irritability). Just one Control snack can help prevent these symptoms for up to 9 hours and tide you over until you have an opportunity to eat a good meal. 

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