The Many Benefits of Pro-Stat for Those with Protein Nutrition Needs

The Many Benefits of Pro-Stat for Those with Protein Nutrition Needs

Protein is a Macronutrient

Protein is important for maintaining and regenerating cells. Your body needs protein to develop and repair tissues, activate hormones, enzymes and other body chemicals. Protein is important for maintaining healthy muscles, skin, blood and cartilage. Your body needs large amount of protein, which is why it’s called a macronutrient. You need protein from good sources to keep your body functional.

Why Pro-Stat?

If you or someone you know is recovering from an ulcer, serious wounds, or suffering from low appetite, Pro-Stat might be the right option for you. This rich nutritional supplement is full of protein and essential amino acids that your body needs to complete a range of metabolic tasks. Your body will absorb the protein immediately, giving you the strength you need to keep going throughout the day. Discover the many benefits of Pro-Stat, our preferred convenient source of protein.

Helps You Get Back to a Healthy Weight

There are lots of different people who can benefit from using Pro-Stat, including those recovering from major wounds such as a serious burn or a surgical procedure. It also helps those who have experienced a great deal of unintended weight loss over a short period of time or those suffering from an abnormally low appetite. Pro-Stat provides the body with a hearty helping of protein, so patients can get the nutrients they need without having to ingest a large meal.

Easy to Administer

Getting that extra dose of protein throughout the day is a lot easier when you have access to fast protein products and healthy snacks. If your body needs protein right away, you can quickly drink a shake to get the nutrients you needs.

Pro-Stat: This small 30 fl. oz. bottle is packed with 15 grams of protein per serving. Portable and convenient, Pro-Stat is a great alternative to a large meal when you are rushed or on the go.

Full of Healthy Protein

This fast protein option is designed to give your body all the essential amino acids as fast as possible. They’re made of collagen peptides, short chain amino acids derived from pasture-raised collagen protein. These products are naturally carbohydrate and sugar-free so your body can absorb the protein immediately without having to digest a lot of additional ingredients.

Those interested in taking Pro-Stat should consult with their healthcare provider. Pro-Stat is a healthy and extreme supplement that is meant to help those with protein deficiencies and issues heal and maintain a balanced nutritional intake.

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