The Importance of Post Workout Protein


post workout proteinDieticians may argue over whether carbohydrates or fats satisfy hunger cravings and keep a dieter feeling fuller longer, there is little argument that protein out performs both.  Getting enough protein can be a key factor in achieving weight loss goals or maintaining a healthy weight, and it’s especially important to consume protein after a workout.

Why timing is important

Post workout protein is the best way to promote muscle growth during the short window of opportunity when the muscles are primed to respond. The meal you eat after a workout is arguably the most important of the entire day for anyone who wants to build muscle and lose fat. More muscle equals more calorie burning through a faster metabolism, making it much easier to meet even the most difficult weight loss goals.

The window of time after exercising is only about 20-60 minutes; during this period your muscles will store protein to be used as the energy and building blocks for recovery. By waiting too long after your workout, your body is less likely to use your food for fuel and recovery, providing less energy for your next session.

Protein source

While lean meats such as chicken or wild-caught salmon are good sources of protein, how many people have time to exercise and then immediately cook a meal? These foods tend to also be digested rather slowly, while beverages such as Pro-Stat 101 are not only easily accessible and ready to drink, but contain complete protein that is hydrolyzed for rapid absorption – allowing protein to be optimally utilized.

What are complete proteins and why are they important?

Complete proteins refer to proteins that contain all essential amino acids and are essential for your post workout protein. After a training session, the body experiences damage at the cellular level that can affect the immune system, muscle tissue – the entire system. The body needs to repair the damage by healing and recovering in order to make it stronger and complete proteins are essential for this process.

Whey protein

Shakes or drinks like the IDS New Whey Liquid Protein, contain whey protein. This is a complete protein that is perfect as an easy and convenient method of getting your post workout protein. It can be taken anywhere and consumed immediately after exercise – without having to mix powders in addition to not containing any carbohydrates or fat, so often found in other protein supplements. They are also available in a variety of flavors that are sure to satisfy the tastes of most everyone

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