Bell Lifestyle - Histamine Balance #24 (30 Capsules)

Bell Lifestyle - Histamine Balance #24 (30 Capsules)

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Bell Lifestyle - Histamine Balance #24 (30 Capsules)

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Natural Relief for All Allergies - seasonal or year round!
  • Rosemarinic Acid Extract.
  • No Side Effects.
  • Based on Many Research Studies.

    USAGE: 1-2 capsules as needed.

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Proprietary blend
       Rosemarinic acid extract, basil extract, sage extract, mint
       extract, perilla extract, lobelia extract, quercetin extract
       rosemary extract.
    750 mg Not est.

    For All Allergies – Seasonal and year-round: Environmental, seasonal nasal congestion, sneezing, inflammation of the eyes, seasonal pollen and plant allergies, perennial allergies, house dust, pets, food allergies and asthma. Based on many research studies.

    FACTS: Allergies are a modern epidemic. More people are trying to find relief through self-help using computer search engines than for any other illness. People suffer year-round from environmental pollutants, house dust, pets, food and seasonal allergies. Bell Allergies Relief works so well that Bell gives a money-back guarantee.
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