Health Direct - 24/7 Weight Loss (84 Capsules)

Health Direct - 24/7 Weight Loss (84 Capsules)

Health Direct - 24/7 Weight Loss (84 Capsules)

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This is the replacement for Carb Cheater.

What Is 24/7 Weight Loss ?           

24/7 Weight Loss is the most comprehensive anti-aging weight loss supplement available. It safetly reduces unwanted pounds and inches so that you look and feel younger. 24/7 Weight Loss works ALL DAY and can be used EVERY DAY as part of a responsible weight management program to naturally support a more youthful, trim body.

What Can 24/7 Weight Loss Do For Me?

24/7 Weight Loss helps reduce unwanted pounds and inches so that you can look and feel younger. 24/7 Weight Loss works by:

  • Reducing Intake of Sugars, Starches and Fats

Ingredients in 24/7 Weight Loss reduce calories from, and the negative effects of sugars, starches and fats.

  • Providing Stimulant-Free Thermogenesis

24/7 Weight Loss supports your body's ability to utilize fat for energy - this significantly reduces body fat deposits.

  • Promoting Heathy Youthful Hormone Levels

The 24/7 Weight Loss formula supports healthy hormone levels (including insulin and cortisol levels) and enhancings your body's fat metabolism.

  • Provides Potent Cellular Antioxidant Protection

Potent antixoidants including Decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean, Grape Seed Extract and a unique, highly bioavailable form of Caffeine-Free Green Tea extract provide potent antioxidant protection against cellular damage from free radicals.

What Makes 24/7 Weight Loss Different From:
Other Carb Blocks, Fat Absorption Supplements, and Stimulant-Based Thermogenic Diet Products?

24/7 Weight Loss is a comprehensive, stimulant-free diet supplement that includes both calorie (sugars, starches and carbs) blocking and fat burning (thermogenesis) benefits. Plus, it's unique formula contains potent antioxidant support to help protect your body from free radical damage (that is common during dieting).

Clinical in vivo and in vitro (laboratory) studies show that the ingredients in 24/7 Weight Loss:

  • Reduce body fat stores
  • Improve hormone levels
  • Increase metabolism
  • Reduce body weight with proper diet and exercise
  • Decrease the digestion and absorption of sugars, starches and fats
  • Support healthy blood sugar and insulin within normal levels

What Is In 24/7 Weight Loss?

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 42

Amount Per Serving % DV
Vitamin D (as calciferol) 1000 IU 250%*
Chromium (as chromium picolinate and chromium histidinate) 200 mcg 167%*
24/7 Anti-Aging Weight Loss Blend 550 mg **

Proprietary blend of SeaSlimâ„¢ Brown Seaweed Extract (Ascophyllum nodosum); Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera); GreenBurnâ„¢ Decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean Extract (Coffea canephora robusta pierre standardized to 50% total polyphenols, 45% chlorogenic acids, 10% 5-caffeoylquinic acid); Ultra TeaSorbâ„¢ Highly Bioavailable Caffeine-Free Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinesis leaves); Phosphatidylcholine.

INGREDIENTS: Cellulose, Gelatin, Vegetable Stearate

* Percent Daily Value (DV) based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Value (DV) not established.

CONTAINS NO gluten, dairy, yeast, shellfish, fish, or artificial ingredients - and NO stimulants, ephedra, or yohimbe.

Contains ingredients derived from soy, tree nuts (coconut), and naturally occuring iodine.

Made in USA

NOTE: 24/7 Weight Loss should be used to support a total weight management program that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. A clinical study shows maximum results (30.8 lbs lost vs. only 10.2 lbs lost on placebo) were achieved when only one of the key ingredients in 24/7 Weight Loss was used for 90 days and subjects were on a hypocaloric diet (men at 1850 calories and women at 1350 calories).

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