QuickTrim Keeps Kim Kardashian Looking Fabulous

When it comes to uber-hot celebrities, no name seems to come up more often than Kim Kardashian.  Not only has she been considered one of the hottest women in the world for a few years now, but even today, she still has a bikini body that most of us would die for.  How great would it be to wake up with a beach body like that every morning??


One of the biggest secrets to Kim Kardashian’s success, before pregnancy, has been a weight loss regimen called QuickTrim. QuickTrim a product available right here at Nashua Nutrition.  Available in four different formulas, the product is definitely a great way to help better reach your weight loss goals.  It is important to note that there is no magic supplement out there that can take the place of a healthy diet and exercise regimen, but you will find that this product can be the best way to supplement a healthy lifestyle and achieve the body you want.

QuickTrim is available as a two week cleanse or as Extreme Burn weight loss formula.  You can also find HotStix, which are powder that can be added to any beverage to help aid in weight loss while also providing a delicious taste that will keep you coming back for more.  Last, for those of us who just can’t always manage to stay away from pasta or dessert, the product offers the Sugar and Carb Cheater. This is definitely a big seller, and in our dessert and sugar heavy culture, it is easy to understand why.
At the end of the day, we don’t all wake up looking like Kim Kardashian.  With that said, however, it is not impossible to wake up with her body.  With a great lifestyle and some fantastic Nashua Nutrition products like QuickTrim, that perfect beach body can be just around the corner.  Kim may look as flawless pregnant as she did before, and with the right choices for food, exercise, and supplements, you can look just as amazing when you wake up every day.

The Reset Diet, Cravings and Long Term Weight Loss

After years of eating a traditional Western diet filled with sugars, carbs and saturated fats, the Reset Diet aims to help dieters break these unhealthy eating habits, reset the metabolism and ultimately achieve long term weight loss.

The Reset Diet is a five-day diet that offers a kick start to a new lifestyle.  Prepackaged bars and shakes  are designed to balance blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for carbohydrates. Although we commend a 5-day commitment to anything, balancing blood sugar may need a bit more long term effort.

Control Snacks - Cinammon CrispsControl Snacks are a great alternative to this 5-day program: you can still eat your regular meals (healthy, please!) and have a Control snack in between to satisfy cravings.

A craving-controlling diet is a good way to break past habits and ease into healthier eating patterns and an overall healthy lifestyle. Eating foods with plenty of quality nutrients, especially those packed with antioxidants, eliminating junk foods in addition to working out, reducing stress and getting more sleep has been proven to help get the body running more efficiently and achieving a better, faster metabolism.

The best ways to boost your metabolism naturally

If you want to boost your metabolism and achieve weight loss goals that can be maintained for life, consider the following:

  • Incorporate at least 30 minutes of physical activity into your schedule every day. Get up and move as often as possible throughout the day as well.
  • Add weight strengthening exercises to your workouts to increase muscle which will naturally boost the metabolism. Lifting weights, Pilates and yoga are all effective.
  • Sip tea throughout the day. Both green and black teas have been found to boost metabolism and can even help battle harmful toxins that can lead to additionally stored fat.
  • If you’re hungry between meals, Control Snacks fight the urge to make bad snacking decisions.
  • Spice up your meals every day. Many spices offer lots of health benefits in addition to raising the metabolism. Cayenne pepper and cumin are said to boost fat-burning ability by up to 25 percent. Cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels and help you maintain long term weight loss as well as lose abdominal fat that can accumulate with higher insulin levels.

4 Reasons to Use Weight Loss Drinks to Boost Dieting Efforts

Boost Dieting Efforts Using Weight Loss Drinks

protein for weight loss drinks Are you having a difficult time sticking to your diet or have you reached one of those frustrating, weight plateaus? Consider adding weight loss drinks to your daily plan to get back on track and lose those stubborn pounds.

Getting past the plateau

If you’ve hit that dreaded plateau, consider replacing one or two meals a day with a weight loss drink like the HealthSmart Smoothie in Berry Delicious. This is a perfect option for getting that scale to move in the right direction and quickly lose those stubborn pounds. By seeing faster results, studies have shown that dieters are more likely to stick with their diet and achieve their ultimate goal.

Curb that appetite

Staying fuller longer is one of the keys to weight-loss success. It’s difficult to pass up that unhealthy treat when you’re faced with hunger pains. By choosing healthy and delicious weight loss drinks like Nashua Nutrition’s Protein Wealth Fruit Smoothie in Strawberry Kiwi, you’ll satisfy your taste buds and your hunger.

These have been proven to reduce calorie intake at your next meal while providing the nutrition you need to stay energized throughout the day.

Proper nutrition to fuel all of your activities

Getting the nutrition your body needs each day is easy by incorporating Nashua Nutrition’s weight loss drinks into your diet plan. You’ll not only have more energy to perform basic tasks, but you’ll be more motivated to exercise, burning more calories and reaching that weight-loss goal much quicker. Better nutrition can also boost performance at work or school through improved mental focus and better concentration.

Satisfy those cravings

Don’t leave yourself feeling deprived as that’s one of the quickest ways to derail a diet. Instead, make a healthy choice that will make your taste buds smile.

A Protein Wealth Fruit Smoothie in Chocolate Raspberry is delectable – without the guilt. Deprivation leads to food binging, while healthy weight loss drinks will satisfy and increase the odds of achieving the number on the scale that is just right for you. If you’re in the mood for something tropical, dream of a holiday in paradise while sipping on an Aloha Mango smoothie by HealthSmart.

Top 3 Meal Replacements for Weight Loss Success

Excellent Meal Replacements for losing Weight

meql replacement shakes can help with weight lossYou’ve probably already heard how meal replacements can be one of the best options for achieving weight loss goals. One of the reasons they work so well is by providing accurate calorie and portion control. With so many dieters underestimating the number of calories ingested each day, meal replacements are an excellent way to ensure you are eating the number of calories you think you are.

These days, with the hectic lives that many of us have, they also offer the convenience of time savings. Often all that’s required is opening a packet, tossing the contents into a glass, adding cold water and stirring. Studies have shown that by using replacements like these, dieters lose and maintain an average of 2 ½ to 3 times more weight than those who don’t.

What are some of the best choices if you’ve already made the smart decision to include meal replacements as part of your diet plan?

Labrada’s Lean Body Carb Watchers

If you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds as part of a healthy weight loss program, Labrada’s Lean Body Carb Watchers Meal Replacement offers a delicious answer. This fabulous product is consistently named one of the best when it comes to flavor as well as satiety.

With an incredible 30 grams of protein, you’ll feel fuller longer while ensuring that pounds lost come from fat and not precious muscle. For athletes, it provides an extra benefit by helping to increase muscle mass, assisting in quicker recovery after intense workouts as well as boosting metabolism.

HealthSmart Chocolate Shake

The rich and creamy HealthSmart Chocolate Shake satisfies that sweet craving and comes packed with 35 grams of protein to keep you satisfied and fuller longer than a meal filled with carbohydrates. This wonderful drink will also help meet the body’s protein needs, enabling you to build muscle, lose fat and increase the metabolism.

Proti-Thin Vanilla

The Proti-Thin Vanilla VHP (Very High Protein) Meal Replacement delivers great taste along with an incredible energy boost that lasts for hours. Not only does it have a complete mix of protein to keep your body running smoothly and efficiently, it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals to help you meet all of your body’s nutritional needs.

Control Snacks: One of Your Best Weapons to Battle Overeating and Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Now that we’re well into 2013, many dieters who had resolved to lose weight and get into shape have gotten off track and given up on their efforts but it’s never too late to get back on that road to optimal health.

Achieving and maintaining an ideal weight will not only give you more energy, make you look and feel better, but you’ll be much less likely to develop a host of diseases and chronic illness. Using control snacks is an excellent way to stave off those hunger pangs and achieve even the most challenging weight loss goals.

How can these snacks help you on your path to wellness?

Prevent hunger that leads to uncontrolled eating

Skipping meals ultimately leads to becoming so ravenous that the dieter is unable to control their eating; either they choose unhealthy snacks or overeat when they are finally able to eat a regular meal. Hunger is one of the biggest reasons diets fail.

Control snacks offer an easy, healthy and convenient way to control appetite and even reduce the daily total calorie intake – leading to safe, gradual weight loss. Keeping them on hand for emergencies like a busy work day, can help keep you on track. In addition, including foods with a high protein or high fiber content at your regular meals will also help you stay satisfied and full longer.

Your diet should also include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, high fiber cereals, nuts and seeds with healthy fats like almonds and walnuts as well as whole grain bread, beans and fish. Foods that have large amounts of unhealthy fats, sugar and refined carbs do not tend to satisfy, whereas the formula for control snacks was invented by a physician and specifically designed to control hunger and manage weight effectively.

Get your Zzzs

Sleep deprivation causes elevated cortisol levels which often leads to weight gain and additional fat that tends to be deposited in the abdominal area – increasing the risk of heart attack. Getting enough sleep is a key factor in successful weight loss and by eating a control snack before bed it’s been shown to reduce blood sugar lows by 75%, providing a better night’s sleep.

With more rest combined with the energy boost provided by the special ingredients in control snacks, you’ll also be more likely to incorporate physical activity into your day, burning even more calories as you watch those pounds fly off!

Benefits of Using Control Snacks for a Successful Weight Loss Plan

control snacks are great for weight lossWhether you’ve started out the year with a new goal of successfully losing weight or have been attempting to get rid of stubborn pounds for a while now, Control snacks can be one of the best ways to stay on track and achieve your dream of reaching an ideal weight and optimal health.

Conquering hunger pains

Diets can fail for any number of reasons, but hunger is certainly one of the biggest. Those hunger pangs and even shakes that come with going too long without eating can overwhelm even those with the best intentions causing them to slip and reach for anything that will satisfy that feeling.

Fortunately, with the development of control snacks, the dieter is offered an easier and healthier way to control their appetite and ultimately reduce the number of calories taken in each day. Their uniquely formula is a safe and effective way to control hunger by preventing low blood sugar which triggers the appetite.

More energy

Dieters who are left feeling sluggish and without enough energy to get through the day will have a difficult time motivating themselves to exercise. Fitting in physical activity is crucial for successful weight loss that won’t lower your metabolism. You’ll want your metabolism at maximum speed in order to burn the most calories, and by using control snacks in your diet you’ll be getting a continuous source of energy that can result in improved athletic performance as well as increased stamina.

Better sleep

Did you know that getting enough sleep is another key factor in successfully losing pounds and maintaining an ideal weight? During sleep our body takes this time to stimulate muscle growth, build bones, breakdown fat and recover from the day’s activities. If you don’t get enough, this can slow your metabolism and cause weight gain. It can even cause you to eat more due to changes in levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin.

By eating a control snack before you hit that pillow at night, it can reduce blood sugar lows by 75% which makes for a much better night’s sleep.


Just by the virtue of having a convenient healthy snack to reach for, control snacks can prevent a dieter from being tempted to head to the vending machine or derailing their diet with other bad choices. It can also take away the symptoms of low blood sugar such as irritability, difficulty concentrating and headaches for up to nine hours, making it easier to wait until you have the opportunity to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal.

Why Weight Loss Drinks are Especially Effective for Dieters

weight loss drinks such as control shakes are great for dietersWeight loss requires hard work and dedication, and the majority of dieters often start out with good intentions only to give up when faced with too many unhealthy food choices or the stress of life’s daily responsibilities. Fortunately, weight loss drinks offer an excellent option for losing weight while allowing the dieter to take control of their health.

Portion control

Portion control is one of the most important factors in losing weight. When meal or snack sizes are carefully monitored, the amount of food taken in is decreased, and, therefore so are the amount of calories. Weight loss drinks make portion control easy – the dieter doesn’t have anything to measure out, it’s already done and easily accessible.

The majority of people not only overestimate the calories they need, but they underestimate the calories they take in each day; by using this method of dieting, it eliminates error and leads to a greater chance of success.

Staying fuller longer

Weight loss drinks such as Nashua Nutrition’s Control Shakes are designed specifically to prevent hunger in between meals by helping to stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition to improving diabetes management, they’ve been proven to reduce calorie intake for the next meal by an average of 21%.

These diet drinks are a great way to curb hunger and avoid the temptation of less-healthy food choices. Filled with the nutrients a body needs, they also tend to make the dieter feel more energized instead of sluggish and deprived.

Kick start weight loss

By replacing one or two meals a day using products like the HealthSmart Meal Replacements shakes, it’s a great option for giving a kick start to your weight-loss program and losing pounds quickly. When dieters see immediate results, they are more likely to stick with the plan and achieve their weight-loss goals.


These drinks designed for healthy weight loss can make getting nutrition needs met much easier by providing the vitamins and minerals the body needs to get through the day with energy to spare. Using Nashua Nutrition diet plans combined with weight loss drinks can improve mental focus and even help dieters learn to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

A lower- calorie diet can prevent premature aging as well as a host of chronic illness and disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease – ultimately leading to not only a lengthier life but one that is healthier, and happier.

12 Ways to Get a Good Workout at Home – Infographic

Are you paying monthly “donations” to your local gym? Cant find the time to lift weights? We have put together some fool-proof ways to burn calories and get a good workout, without going far away from home! Check out our infographic below and start burning calories now:

12 Ways to Increase Physical Activity and get a Workout at Home - Infographic

As always, a balanced, healthy diet in conjunction with working out is ideal for weight loss and healthy living . For more information about healthy food items and weight loss foods, visit our online store: http://www.nashuanutrition.com/store/