The Benefits of Protein Shakes for Weight Loss Success

protein shakes from nashua nutrition are great for building muscle but also for losing weight.Using protein shakes to replace or augment everyday meals is a great way to achieve weight loss success. They serve a double purpose as weight loss drinks with the ability to enhance athletic performance as well as boost the ability to lose those stubborn pounds.

Just a few of the benefits of protein shakes include:

  • Keeping you feeling fuller longer. The protein will keep you feeling satisfied as well as help to suppress your hunger between meals. You’ll also burn more calories during digestion, boosting weight loss efforts even further. It takes more energy to digest protein than it does to digest carbohydrates.
  • Convenience. These shakes are easy to prepare, making them a very convenient way to eat a nutritious meal and be aware of exactly how many calories you’re getting. By utilizing these, you’ll have no question when it comes to portion size, making it much easier to stick to your diet.
  • Improves ability to stick to a fitness program. One study found that a group of intense exercisers who supplemented their diet with 10 grams of protein had fewer infections, less muscle soreness and less heat exhaustion. Ultimately, this may allow one to continue a fitness program without interruption from illness or injury.
  • Greater fat loss. Research has shown that increasing daily protein intake along with regular exercise often results in more fat loss as compared to working out alone.
  • Increased metabolism. Without enough protein in your diet, the body begins to burn muscle instead of fat, which can make weight loss difficult if not impossible. The more muscle you have, the more calories that are burned every day. Increasing muscle boosts the metabolism and helps give you a leaner, more fit look.

Protein shakes offer a delicious way to lose weight quickly while helping to maintain or even boost muscle mass. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are just for body builders. While it’s true that a high-protein shake can help to build lean muscle mass, they also encourage fat loss, increase satiety, deliver important nutrients and improve metabolic activity, making them a great choice for all types of people.

Basketball player Kevin Ware Stays Positive as he Recovers from Devastating Leg Injury

Kevin Ware's athlete diet and recovery

Louisville Cardinal basketball guard Kevin Ware shattered his leg in a freak accident during the NCAA regional championship game at the end of March. On that fateful Sunday night the sophomore player leaped into the air to contest a three-point shot and when he landed, his tibia broke on impact and shot a piece of the bone through his shin.

Following the gruesome injury, Ware underwent a successful surgery to reset the broken bone. His bone was set and a rod was inserted into the right tibia in order to stabilize the bone while it heals. Just hours after the surgery, Ware, continuing to remain positive was carefully walking and telling his teammates to “win the game.”  Of course, they did, and went on to capture the ultimate prize, winning the National Championship on Monday night, April 8.

Ware seemed to give his team the spark they needed to take it all, and his positive attitude will go a long way in recovering from the injury as well. Despite the severity of his injury, as the athlete is relatively healthy and young, his recovery is expected to be long but he still may be able to get out on the court in his junior year.

Diet is crucial for injury recovery


For someone healthy, it could take anywhere from three to six months to recover, with athlete diets playing a key role in that recovery process. A healthy, balanced diet is crucial in order to rebuild muscle and bone as well as damaged tissues.

Including plenty of whole, fresh organic foods as well as those packed with anti-oxidants like dark leafy greens and vividly colored fruits and vegetables like carrots and berries in athlete diets can help boost the immune system and speed recovery.



Creatine, a natural compound made within the body, can determine how quickly those muscles and damaged tissues can regenerate. Studies have shown that supplementing with creatine can enhance skeletal muscle regeneration and protection. Athlete diets that include creatine were proven to shorten recovery time, helping muscles recuperate faster, making it especially beneficial for athletes with sports injuries to get back to their game as quickly as possible.

The bottom line


For Kevin Ware, he’s likely to have a team of health experts making sure he gets the proper diet, including creatine, and with his positive attitude the odds increase that he’ll be back on the court early next season.

The Pros and Cons of the Shred Diet: How it can Work for You

Combining the Shred Diet with Protein Powder

The Shred Plan is a diet that promises dieters to drop four inches and two dress sizes in only six weeks. The plan is based on a similar premise in exercising in which an activity called muscle confusion is used to break through muscle growth plateaus. When your muscles get used to performing the same types of exercises at the same times, you muscles start to acclimate, causing progress to come to a halt.

With “muscle confusion” people are asked to work their muscles differently and at different times throughout the day in order to confuse the muscles and trigger growth, allowing the exerciser to continue their path toward reaching fitness goals. This diet employs the same process by varying the types of food and quantities in order to prevent the metabolism from slowing and encouraging the body to burn more calories.

On any diet, one of the key factors for success is ensuring that your body gets the protein it needs in order to boost your metabolism and burn calories efficiently.

Combining the Shred Diet with protein powder may be one of the best ways to achieve your weight goals as it provides a number of benefits:

  • Protein adds in metabolic increase by preserving lean muscle tissue. It also takes more calories to digest as compared to carbs and fats, therefore increasing calorie burning even more.
  • Adding protein powder to each meal has been shown to make dieters feel fuller and more satisfied. It can even decrease the dieter’s desire to eat for several hours. In between meal hunger pangs are one of the biggest reasons for a derailing a diet.

Consider our Proteinex chewable protein tablets as an excellent protein powder and a great weapon in battling those stubborn pounds.

Some of the “pros” for making the decision to follow the Shred Diet include:

  • Allowing 6-7 meals each day, lessening the chance for becoming ravenous.
  • It includes structure which many dieters find beneficial while also allowing some substitutions.
  • Teaches portion sizes and the food is relatively inexpensive.

“Cons” to consider with the Shred Diet include:

  • It takes time to plan meals and the timing is critical which can be difficult for those on a busy schedule.
  • The calorie and protein levels suggested may not be adequate for everyone, making it crucial to add additional protein such as the protein powder you’ll find with Nashua Nutrition.

4 Reasons to Use Weight Loss Drinks to Boost Dieting Efforts

Boost Dieting Efforts Using Weight Loss Drinks

protein for weight loss drinks Are you having a difficult time sticking to your diet or have you reached one of those frustrating, weight plateaus? Consider adding weight loss drinks to your daily plan to get back on track and lose those stubborn pounds.

Getting past the plateau

If you’ve hit that dreaded plateau, consider replacing one or two meals a day with a weight loss drink like the HealthSmart Smoothie in Berry Delicious. This is a perfect option for getting that scale to move in the right direction and quickly lose those stubborn pounds. By seeing faster results, studies have shown that dieters are more likely to stick with their diet and achieve their ultimate goal.

Curb that appetite

Staying fuller longer is one of the keys to weight-loss success. It’s difficult to pass up that unhealthy treat when you’re faced with hunger pains. By choosing healthy and delicious weight loss drinks like Nashua Nutrition’s Protein Wealth Fruit Smoothie in Strawberry Kiwi, you’ll satisfy your taste buds and your hunger.

These have been proven to reduce calorie intake at your next meal while providing the nutrition you need to stay energized throughout the day.

Proper nutrition to fuel all of your activities

Getting the nutrition your body needs each day is easy by incorporating Nashua Nutrition’s weight loss drinks into your diet plan. You’ll not only have more energy to perform basic tasks, but you’ll be more motivated to exercise, burning more calories and reaching that weight-loss goal much quicker. Better nutrition can also boost performance at work or school through improved mental focus and better concentration.

Satisfy those cravings

Don’t leave yourself feeling deprived as that’s one of the quickest ways to derail a diet. Instead, make a healthy choice that will make your taste buds smile.

A Protein Wealth Fruit Smoothie in Chocolate Raspberry is delectable – without the guilt. Deprivation leads to food binging, while healthy weight loss drinks will satisfy and increase the odds of achieving the number on the scale that is just right for you. If you’re in the mood for something tropical, dream of a holiday in paradise while sipping on an Aloha Mango smoothie by HealthSmart.

When is the Best Time to Drink Protein Shakes?

protein shakesIf you are looking into dietary supplements that can help you boost weight loss and to help you increase energy and get the most out of your exercise routine, your nutritionist has almost certainly recommend that you add protein shakes to your daily regimen.  One question that many new dieters ask, however, is when would be the optimal time to drink one of these shakes or to try eating protein bars.  If you are looking for the best time for you, it might come as a bit of a surprise that there are actually a few times that are considered ideal.

One of the best times to drink one of these shakes is right before a workout.  When you have chosen the best protein shake for your needs, you will find that it can give your body more energy to help you achieve more powerful and more effective exercise.  Ingesting one of these shakes before exercise can also help ensure that your body breaks down fat for energy instead of muscle tissue.  You will also find that these shakes can be a great way to restore the body immediately following your workout.

Depending on your dietary goals, you might find that a protein shake can make a fantastic meal replacement.  For people working to replace one meal a day, using one of these shakes in place of breakfast can keep your energy levels up throughout the day.  Avoid using a shake to replace your afternoon meal, however, as this is when your body’s nutrient and caloric needs are the highest and when you should be focused on providing your body with a healthy and varied meal that will give your body everything you need.  The best protein bars or shakes should be used instead for breakfast or dinner replacement.

One of the best pieces of advice for any dieter is to choose the best protein shake for your needs and for the time that you intend to drink it.  A shake can be a great way to help restore the body while you sleep, for example, but you would want to avoid shakes containing excessive calories.  Calories might be a good idea, however, just before a major workout, in order to ensure that you have the sugar needed to help you get the most benefit from your exercise.  As with any supplement, it comes down to determining your specific needs and then choosing the best product to help you meet them.

Are Meal Replacements Healthy?

meal replacement shake For people seeking to lose weight, the question of whether or not meal replacements are healthy is not at all uncommon.  Shakes and other supplements designed to provide nutrition in place of meals are an important part of the diet and bariatric nutrition industries, but consumers have also become increasingly conscious of product additives and overall safety where foods and beverages are concerned.  Thankfully, when you are choosing the right shakes and supplements, you will find that they are more than just healthy, they are actually better for you than many so-called healthy meal choices.

With meal replacement shakes, you are able to take in a significant portion of your daily recommended nutrients in a liquid form.  This provides the added benefit of allowing the nutrients to be easily and readily absorbed into the body.  While solid foods require being broken down by stomach acids in order to provide nutrient content, the same is not true for meals ingested in liquid form.  For people seeking to get better nutrition without taking in large quantities of high calorie foods in order to achieve this, these supplements are absolutely a better option.

One thing that consumers should certainly know about meal replacements is that they are usually a better source of nutrients than a daily multivitamin.  While it is very important to ensure that the supplements and meals you take in each day provide all of your recommended nutrients, the increased absorption rate means that your body will make use of many more nutrients than it would be able to pull out of a traditional vitamin pill.  This is certainly something that many dieters should consider when determining if replacements are a good part of their diet and exercise regimen.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a better way to ensure that your body receives adequate nutrition without starving or skipping meals, it is well worth your time and energy to look into high quality meal replacement shakes.  With a bit of research, you can easily find shakes that will help you meet your caloric and nutrient goals without unnecessary or potentially unhealthy additives.  The quest to lose weight in a safe and effective manner does not have to be overly difficult or overwhelming.  With the right supplements and replacements, you can even find that achieving your dietary goals can be as delicious and rewarding as it is beneficial!

Curbing Your Appetite With Meal Replacements

You may have come across the phrase meal replacements but may not know exactly what it means, or what is involved in the process.  This type of diet plan is somewhat new, and requires the eating of foods that are prepackaged, supplements, or shakes to curb your appetite, instead of more traditional meals.

Meal replacements and meal replacement shakes are designed meal replacementto help control the amount of food that is consumed, but they are also low in fat, low in calories, and well balanced.  These programs are relatively easy to follow since they do not require dieters to count calories, and since everything is set up for you, you do not have to select individual foods to eat.  These types of meal packages or shakes typically provide the right amount of calories and nutrition to achieve healthy weight loss.

The main purpose of meal replacement plans is to create a caloric deficit within your body, which will then cause the extra fat that is already stored to be burned for energy.  This will then result in a reduction of pounds, causing you to lose weight.  General muscle mass will most likely remain unchanged, unless combined with a weight training program.

Meal replacements and meal replacement shakes work to keep dieters from feeling hungry, which helps to curb snacking and nibbling during the day.  This in turn helps to keep you from falling victim to many of the common issues that come with other types of dieting programs.  Even though the replacement meals are somewhat smaller in size, you can eat them more frequently during the day, usually every couple of hours.

There are a variety of meal replacement options, and most eliminate sugar entirely.  Men and women also are provided with different meals as they tend to require different nutritional requirements.  Specialized meal options for people who have specific dietary needs (such as diabetics and vegetarians), as well as for those who are very active are also available.

So, it is really worthwhile to change your diet and take part in one of these programs?  There are a large number of people who say yes and have found these programs to provide great results, proving as much as five pounds of weight loss each week.  While these results are good, they are exceptional, as most people report losing roughly two pounds per week.

Meal replacement diets have another advantage as well.  While you do have to purchase the specialized meals, the cost is roughly equal to that of the amount traditionally spent on groceries.  This is not the case with other types of diet plans, such as those that require the use of expensive medications or supplements.  Also, there is no need to purchase extra vitamin supplements, since these programs are healthy and well balanced.

Finally, meal replacements can be stopped as soon as you reach your goal for weight loss.  You can then resume making your own meals, or continue on with the program as long as you wish.

Benefits of Protein Bars and Shakes

protein barsWith the growing healthy living trend, more and more people are becoming focused on their personal level of fitness as well as their body image.  Along with this craze has come a wide variety of products that are meant to help with the quest for a better body.  Some of the most popular products to hit the market include protein bars and shakes.  While these items seem to fly off the shelves, it is still worth examining the benefits of such products, and determining if there are any risks associated.

One concern that many have is that consuming too many protein bars or shakes can cause your kidneys to be strained, leading to renal failure.  While this is somewhat true, and sustained periods of overloading on protein can cause kidney issues, it is not likely that consuming a regular amount of these products will cause harm.

So, how much protein is safe, and is really needed?  This amount depends a great deal on your level of physical activity as well as your total body weight.  The minimum requirement for men is fifty six grams of protein daily and forty six grams of protein per day for women.  A more effective rule of thumb to follow, regardless of gender, is to consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight if you are not very active, and twice this amount if you are quite active.

If you are interested in building muscle mass, you must make sure you are getting enough protein because the body is not very capable of storing protein in an accessible form, aside from in muscle tissue.  This means that your muscles will start to be broken down for nutrition if your body finds a need for more protein than it is receiving.  Also, protein is considered to be one of the major building blocks for muscle.  This means that in order for them to grow, they will need a higher level of protein.

The benefits of the best protein shake and protein barprotein shakes come mostly from their easy access following a workout.  When you work out, your muscles become primed to absorb the most protein.  Consuming a form of protein after exercising, especially after endurance training or resistance training, is an ideal way to send nutrition directly into muscle tissue, prompting them to grow.  Shakes and bars offer a large amount of protein quickly, which is easily digested.  Not only that, these products are quite convenient and easily transported them, making them simple to consume at any time.