Almond Cappuccino Protein Bars Recipe

Protein bars are a great snack. They are healthy and can be eaten on-the-go. They are filling and can help you power through your day. Did you know that you could even make your own protein bars at home? It’s true and rather simple. Try these 5 ingredient at-home protein bars for a healthy, protein-packed snack you can make anytime. The almond, cappuccino taste of these bars may just make you forget that you are eating healthy!

Almond Cappuccino Protein Bars Recipe

Serving Size: 1

Calories per serving: 193

Fat per serving: 8g

Almond Cappuccino Protein Bars Recipe



  1. First, mix the first three ingredients in small bowl.
  2. Add two teaspoons of water to your dry ingredients and stir until the ingredients are as well mixed as possible. If you use liquid Splenda, avoid adding the two teaspoons of water to your dry ingredients. If needed, add one more teaspoon of water. For better mixing, consider using your hands. Work the additional teaspoon of water into the dry ingredients until well mixed.
  3. Keep in mind that the protein dough may seem extremely dry. This is how it should be. Avoid adding water because this will make the dough sticky. The dough will not only stick to your hands, but it will also stick to your teeth.
  4. Continue to knead the dough by squeezing it into a ball with your hands. The consistency will be very thick and firm. Shape into a bar and enjoy.


Bar Hopping: Using Discount Protein Bars to Balance Your Diet

discount protein barsMaintaining a healthy diet is one of the biggest challenges that face members of modern society. Despite everything we know about healthy eating and how important it is to our long-term welfare, temptations are everywhere. And even when we are focused and striving for a healthy diet, easy choices aren’t always readily available. Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a proper diet is one of the few things that has gotten harder as technology has made the rest of our lives easier.
One of the major challenges for those following a healthy diet is getting the proper amount of protein. Regular intake of protein is a requirement of life, and people who are physically active need even more of it to remain properly nourished. Unfortunately, many of the food options offered today have little to no protein present in them. In fact, ironically, many of the dietary choices that are high in protein are actually foods that are not part of a healthy diet.

This is where discount protein bars from Nashua Nutrition come in. These bars have a lot going for them, but let’s start with the obvious – they are loaded with protein. If you make these bars a regular part of your diet, no longer will you need to worry about a protein deficiency. Additionally, they are pre-packaged and portion controlled so you will know exactly how many calories you are consuming when you open one up. That is a great benefit to any diet and makes keeping track of your daily calorie count just a little bit easier. Finally, these bars are as convenient as food can be. Even the busiest person has time to throw discount protein bars into their bag for a much-needed snack at just the right time. Instead of stopping last-minute at a fast food place, have a protein bar and keep moving on with your day. Nashua Nutrition offers a great selection of discount protein bars in a variety of flavors, so you can easily find one (or more) that suits your tastes perfectly.

Protein is a Must After an Intense Workout: How Discount Protein Bars Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

discount protein barsThe 2013 CrossFit Games took place at the end of July in California with athletes competing from all corners of the globe to determine who is the fittest on Earth. It takes a lot of hard work and determination just to compete in this challenging event, but the impressive Rich Froning took the title for the third time.

Successful athletes like Froning realize the importance of protein for achieving even the most difficult fitness goals. Fortunately, good nutrition doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg with the wide range of discount protein bars available today.

These convenient bars will provide the energy you need to help keep you going, but they’re also important for consuming after a workout. During exercise, your muscles are ready to respond to protein which promotes muscle growth. Physical activity breaks down muscle, requiring more amino acids for repair and rebuilding.

Consuming protein after exercise will help to improve muscle strength by aiding your body in repairing your muscles and increasing strength. If you want to lose fat, increasing protein intake along with a daily workout routine has been scientifically proven to boost fat burning as compared to exercise alone.

Discount protein bars like Nashua Nutrition’s HealthSmart Protein Bar are offered at 25% off the retail price and packed with 15 grams of protein. It tastes like a candy bar but provides you with the healthy protein you need to repair muscle and promote muscle growth.

Also at 25% off, the ProtiDiet Protein Bar comes in a wide variety of mouth-watering flavors without the protein after taste. The Peanut Butter and Smooth Caramel Crisp Bar offers 10 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein along with the gooey deliciousness of peanut butter and caramel.

MetraGenix 6:1 bars are currently on sale at an 18% discount. The Cookies and Cream flavor will satisfy your cookies and ice cream craving without the guilt. These heavenly discount protein bars offer an amazing 30 grams of protein to provide you with this essential nutrient to help your muscles recover and repair after intense training.

3 Benefits of Adding Protein Bars to Your Weight Loss and Fitness Routine

The ever-inspiring Serena Williamsprotein bars provide muscle lneeded by pro athletes like serena williams breezed right into Round 3 at Wimbledon recently, without showing any signs of weakness or slowing down in her 30s. How does she do it? Pro athletes like her realize the importance of protein for building lean muscle and keeping the fat off.

You don’t have to be a pro tennis player to have healthy muscles and lose weight like the defending champ Serena. Eating the delicious, nutritious protein bars from Nashua Nutrition can help anyone obtain an amazing, in-shape body.

More energy

Protein is essential for sustaining energy to keep you going all day long. As your body digests protein slowly, it provides the body with a continuous energy supply while it’s digesting.  When those hunger pangs hit between meals, or if you’ve just finished a strenuous workout, protein bars can satisfy while also providing quality, nutritious energy that can keep you motivated to stay on track to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Increase calorie burning

Protein helps to increase your metabolic rate by preserving lean muscle. It takes more energy to digest protein that to digest carbohydrates which boosts calorie burning. You’ll naturally burn more calories just by eating foods that are protein rich like Nashua Nutrition’s Health Smart Protein Bars are packed with 15 grams of protein in each one.

As protein also helps your body build and maintain muscle, you’ll naturally burn more calories with more muscle as well.

Keep satisfied between meals

Studies have revealed that eating snacks like protein bars can help dieters feel fuller longer as compared to a snack made up of a majority of carbohydrates. Eating protein is an excellent way to boost weight loss as it will fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time, helping you to avoid temptations throughout the day.

Nashua Nutrition’s Control Bars, like the Peanut Delight, are not only tasty, helping you to satisfy that sweet and salty craving, they’ve been clinically proven to reduce calorie intake at the next meal by an average of 21 percent.  These bars can prevent between-meal hunger better than any other product by helping to stabilize blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours.

A Look at the CrossFit Games Search for the Fittest on Earth: The Importance of Staying Active for Life

CrossFit Games Search for the Fittest on Earth

The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games is a three-stage test of fitness that includes the Open Regionals, the world championships and the CrossFit Games. The games are renowned across the world as a “grueling test for the toughest athletes on the planet and will take place in Carson, California from July 26 to July 28, 2013.

The CrossFit Games are events that are made up of a broad range of functional movements which requires moving large loads, testing endurance by long distance events as well as speeds.

Top athletes from 17 different regions across the globe compete in the Open in order to qualify for the next stage, the Regionals, with the season culminating with the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. At the Games, thousands of participants are then narrowed to about 100 of the most fit men and women on the planet. These athletes realize that performing at their peak requires plenty of protein, and many have likely turned to discount protein bars to achieve their ultimate fitness.

While you don’t have to become the very fittest, staying active at any age is important for many reasons, including:

  • Controlling your weight. If your body has to carry lots of extra pounds, it’s difficult to enjoy almost any activity. If you become obese it can prevent you from enjoying many of the best things in life. Discount protein bars are excellent for helping to keep you full, staying on track to meet those weight loss goals.
  • Exercise can prevent many diseases and illness, contributing to a lengthier and higher quality of life.
  • Improving your mood. One of the best ways to feel happier is by working out. Exercising regularly will increase your endorphins, responsible for the feeling of well-being.
  • It can prevent aging diseases like dementia and even slow the progress of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Boosting energy. Exercising actually provides the body with more energy to get through the day.

Protein bars are a great way to help you achieve your fitness goals

Incorporate discount protein bars into your healthy eating plan to ensure that your body’s protein needs are met. If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, your body can be forced to burn muscle instead of fat; the more lean muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn – you don’t want to lose muscle.

Protein will also aid in boosting the metabolism by preserving lean muscle tissue and even help you stay fuller longer, preventing between meal hunger pangs.

Basketball player Kevin Ware Stays Positive as he Recovers from Devastating Leg Injury

Kevin Ware's athlete diet and recovery

Louisville Cardinal basketball guard Kevin Ware shattered his leg in a freak accident during the NCAA regional championship game at the end of March. On that fateful Sunday night the sophomore player leaped into the air to contest a three-point shot and when he landed, his tibia broke on impact and shot a piece of the bone through his shin.

Following the gruesome injury, Ware underwent a successful surgery to reset the broken bone. His bone was set and a rod was inserted into the right tibia in order to stabilize the bone while it heals. Just hours after the surgery, Ware, continuing to remain positive was carefully walking and telling his teammates to “win the game.”  Of course, they did, and went on to capture the ultimate prize, winning the National Championship on Monday night, April 8.

Ware seemed to give his team the spark they needed to take it all, and his positive attitude will go a long way in recovering from the injury as well. Despite the severity of his injury, as the athlete is relatively healthy and young, his recovery is expected to be long but he still may be able to get out on the court in his junior year.

Diet is crucial for injury recovery


For someone healthy, it could take anywhere from three to six months to recover, with athlete diets playing a key role in that recovery process. A healthy, balanced diet is crucial in order to rebuild muscle and bone as well as damaged tissues.

Including plenty of whole, fresh organic foods as well as those packed with anti-oxidants like dark leafy greens and vividly colored fruits and vegetables like carrots and berries in athlete diets can help boost the immune system and speed recovery.



Creatine, a natural compound made within the body, can determine how quickly those muscles and damaged tissues can regenerate. Studies have shown that supplementing with creatine can enhance skeletal muscle regeneration and protection. Athlete diets that include creatine were proven to shorten recovery time, helping muscles recuperate faster, making it especially beneficial for athletes with sports injuries to get back to their game as quickly as possible.

The bottom line


For Kevin Ware, he’s likely to have a team of health experts making sure he gets the proper diet, including creatine, and with his positive attitude the odds increase that he’ll be back on the court early next season.

3 Reasons Protein Bars should be an Essential Part of Your Weight Loss Plan

Protein Bars for Everyday Health

Protein Bars for Everyday HealthYou probably realize that protein is essential for good health, but did you realize that it also has a very important role in weight loss or maintaining an ideal weight? Your diet probably doesn’t include unhealthy sources of protein, like a fast food burger, and it can be difficult to meet your protein needs through healthy sources when limiting calorie intake.

By incorporating Nashua Nutrition’s protein bars into your daily diet plan, you’ll be well on your way to achieving successful weight loss. They provide a convenient option when you don’t have time to sit down for a meal, or are faced with unhealthy choices that could derail your diet.

Here is a look at why it’s so important to get those protein needs met and how Nashua Nutrition’s protein bars make a great choice.

Protein builds muscle

If you don’t consume enough protein every day, your body may be forced to burn muscle instead of fat. As you might imagine, this is not a good thing. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn each day. The amino acids found in protein serve as building blocks of the body’s muscles – helping you to increase strength, become leaner and boost that metabolism.

Protein bars like the Control Chocolate Delight Bar contain 12 grams of protein to help you meet those requirements.

Boost calorie burning

Protein serves to aid in increasing the metabolic rate by preserving lean muscle tissue. As protein takes more calories to digest than it does to digest carbohydrates and fats, you’ll actually burn more calories just by eating foods that are protein rich.

Eating more protein means that you’ll burn more calories naturally, boosting those weight-loss efforts. The Chocolate Covered Peanut HealthSmart Protein Bar is another great choice filled with 14 grams of protein.

Decrease between meal hunger

Snacks that are higher in protein have been shown to help dieters feel fuller longer than if they had eaten a snack that was primarily made up of carbohydrates.  The Control Peanut Delight Bars are another great example of protein bars that have been clinically proven to reduce calorie intake at the next meal by an average of 21% while preventing between-meal hunger.

Discount Protein Bars: An Affordable Option to help you Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

With so many people on a tight budget in today’s economy few are prepared to shell out a lot of cash for anything, even if it helps in their efforts to lose weight. Fortunately, the discount protein bars through offer a more affordable option as well as being a great tool in your arsenal of weapons for losing stubborn pounds.

If you don’t have any healthy, convenient options when those hunger pangs hit between meals you’re far more likely to head to that vending machine and grab anything that will take that nagging feeling away – whether it’s a candy bar, cookies or potato chips; even that innocent looking granola bar can be packed with unhealthy ingredients.

Discount protein bars are the ideal way to keep the metabolism going at full speed. Remember, when you’re hungry your body is trying to conserve energy and calorie-burning slows to a crawl. You need to burn calories to lose weight, and eating a healthy snack will allow your body to run more efficiently, burning calories and giving a boost to your weight loss efforts.

Nashua Nutrition has a wide variety of protein bars that come in a range of flavors to suit most everyone’s tastes while packed with the protein you need to promote healthy muscle and reduce body fat.

discount protein bars from nashua nutritionThe heavenly delicious caramel brownie HealthSmart protein bar is currently on sale for $11.50 a box, a savings of 28%, making each bar just $1.64! You’re likely to pay far more for almost anything comparable at a convenience store or your company’s cafeteria, while reaping health benefits and staying on track to reach your weight loss goals.

MetraGenix 6:1 bars are on sale for just $32.95 for a box of 12, a discount of 18%. Satisfy your craving for cookies and ice cream with the very tasty cookies & cream flavor with an amazing 30 grams of protein to help keep you fuller longer, no trans fats and just one gram of sugar. You don’t even have to break the bank for this great health value and they can be enjoyed guilt free.

Pick up a box of discount protein bars today to arm yourself with everything you need to stay on that path to optimal health and a slim waist line!