How Meal Replacements Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

bariatric fusion meal replacementsDid you know that research has found that dieters who use meal replacements lose an average of double or even triple the amount of weight as those who don’t? Using meal replacements may be one of your best tools to not only meet your nutritional needs, but to fight against stubborn pounds and ultimately help you reach your weight loss goals.

Using these delicious beverages as part of your diet can help teach you how to eat less and lose weight quickly, often for life. In fact, choosing the right beverage can help boost your metabolism by as much as 25 percent. They can help you save calories by avoiding fatty foods as well as to avoid underestimating calorie amounts. Replacements can aid in keeping blood sugar levels balanced which allows your body to burn stored fat as fuel and even increase your energy levels.

A few of Nashua Nutrition’s meal replacements that will allow you to reap all of these benefits and more include:

HealthSmart Meal Replacement

These beverages offer a convenient and tasty way to lose weight; all you need to do is mix 16 ounces of cold water and the contents of one package in a blender. Available in chocolate or vanilla, each has just 230 calories and includes 35 grams of protein, 3 grams dietary fiber, just 1 gram of fat, and plenty of essential vitamins and minerals to help you meet your body’s nutritional needs while losing weight.

Bariatric Fusion Meal Replacement

These products were specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of bariatric surgery patients; however, they offer a great way for all types of people to get the high quality protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals needed to achieve optimal health and an ideal body weight.

The beverages come in a variety of flavors too, including cappuccino, chocolate mousse, cinnamon bun, French vanilla, mint chocolate ice cream, orange cream and strawberry shortcake.

Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement

These fantastic meal replacements come in a variety of ice cream flavors:  chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and Neapolitan. They can be mixed in a glass, shaker or blender, and offer a ton of nutrition including 40 grams of high quality protein, 12 grams of carbs and 20 essential vitamins and minerals. The taste is so good these beverages were even awarded the American Tasting Institute Gold Medal.

Hitting a Brick Wall in Your Weight Loss Efforts? How Meal Replacements Can Help

Sticking to a diet for any length of time can be difficult and even those who make the most dedicated efforts often hit a plateau that makes it easy to give up. If you’ve found yourself in either situation, you’ll be happy to know how meal replacements can help.

Accurately estimate calories

If you think you’re accurately estimating the number of calories you’re eating each day but the scale refuses to budge, meal replacements may be your answer. Pre-packaged or pre-measured foods allow the dieter to be aware of the exact amount of calories ingested each day instead of guessing. It can also help on those days when you just don’t have time to pack a healthy lunch to take to work or other activities outside the home.

Meeting nutritional needs

Packed with all of the essential nutrients you need, you don’t even have to worry about planning and cooking a complicated meal that may or may not have what your body needs to get through the day. If you don’t meet your body’s nutritional needs, it makes losing weight more difficult and can also have an adverse effect on your health.

Meal replacements can stop the temptation to grab unhealthy snacks in its tracks, lessening the chance that you’ll indulge in a sugary or fattening treat.

Delicious options

meql replacement shakes can help with weight lossHealthSmart offers excellent options for meal replacements including the very tasty Chocolate Shake, while the Proti-Thin shakes are available in a heavenly chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. With their high protein content, you’ll not only get great taste but prolonged energy and essential vitamins and minerals; sweetened with fructose and not sugar, these also offers a low glycemic boost.

For the best results, incorporate these products into your diet and consider the following tips, including:

  • Write down everything you eat as well as any physical activity every day in order to analyze and identify increases in eating or decreases in exercise.
  • Make sure you’re eating enough. Eating less than 1,200 calories per day can backfire and slow your metabolism.
  • Move as often as possible. If you have a sedentary job, get up and walk around every hour, take a walk at lunchtime and choose the stairs instead of the elevator. Moving at every opportunity is an easy way to burn more calories and achieve success.

Meal Replacements Are a Great Alternative to Snack Foods

Meal replacements are products designed to aid in weight loss. Most people use these when on a low calorie diet to help cut back on the calories they consume. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals to provide a healthy meal substitute, they’re perfect for the person on the go. It seems like there is always so much to do, many people don’t have time to cook a healthy breakfast before starting their day or taking time to sit down to a nice lunch.

As a result, many people grab snacks and other unhealthy or fattening substitutes to eat. By replacing these with a meal substitute that is healthy, you can lose weight and get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Since they are fast and easy to make, you’re less likely to skip the meal altogether.

While it can be difficult to find the time to eat right, it is a vital part of weight loss. If you don’t get the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy, it makes losing weight even harder and it can have an adverse effect on your health.

Most Common Type of Meal Replacement

meal replacements are perfect if weight loss is your goal The most common type of replacement meal used today is shakes. These products usually come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. Just mix the powder according to the directions and you have a healthy shake that’s both fast and easy to make.

Proti-Thin Meal Replacement, Bariatric Fusion – Meal Replacement and Labrada – Lean Body Carb Watchers Meal Replacement are three excellent meal substitutes that come highly recommended. They contain essential vitamins and minerals needed to replace a healthy meal, so they can help you lose some of those extra pounds.

Tips for Using Meal Replacements

Many people tend to skip meals altogether when trying to lose weight and that’s one of the worst things you can do. The result is that most of the time you’ll end up overeating later to make up for it, which can actually make you consume more calories than you would have if you had just eaten regular meals.

You can use replacement meals once or twice a day. Many people use them for breakfast or lunch because these are the most hectic times of the day. A healthy, well-proportioned dinner can then follow, although they can be used to replace any meal. It’s important to maintain healthy habits between meals and not eat just before going to bed to enhance your weight loss efforts.

Meal replacements are a great alternative to snack foods. They’ll make a big difference in the way you feel and they can help you lose weight.

Five Benefits of Meal Replacements

meal replacements are a great way to lose weight because they are structured to be the right amount of calories for youThe importance of diet when it comes to maintaining, losing or even gaining weight cannot be underestimated. If you want to achieve excellent overall health and an ideal shape, you’ve got to work hard, and meal replacements can be a great way to make that happen and can mean the difference between success or failure.

Controlling calories


Controlling the amount of calories ingested is one of the most crucial parts of any diet. Many diets fail at this due to inaccurately estimating the number of calories ingested in a day, and pre-packaged foods offer a great way to control calories and determine exactly how much food you’re really eating.


HealthSmart Meal Replacements a great weapon in your arsenal, a bit help when it comes to portion and calorie control. They provide an excellent option for assuring the amount of calories eaten and also provide a great way to avoid the hassle of creating your own meal on busy days.

Meeting nutritional needs

With meal replacement products you don’t have to worry about meeting nutritional needs, with products like the Lean Body Carb Watchers containing high levels of protein, just 12 grams of carbohydrates and 20 essential vitamins and minerals. It was also awarded an American Tasting Institute Gold Medal and the high protein content serves to help add muscle mass which can increase metabolism as well.


Increased weight loss


The results of numerous studies have shown that dieters who use meal replacements lose and maintain 2 ½ – 3 times as much as weight as those on more traditional diets. They also help minimize difficult decisions in food choices, making it easier to choose the right thing and stick to a diet.

These products are also convenient; very helpful for people who are especially busy and eliminating the excuse that following a diet is just not possible due to a full schedule. Shakes can be as easily prepared as a beverage.



With the cost of Meal Replacements like HealthSmart just $2.42 per meal, the cost of replacement bars and shakes are often far less than eating out or buying other prepackaged foods. If they’re purchased in bulk, the cost is reduced even more. Lean Body For Her Meal Replacement is less than $2.00 per meal!


Don’t forget, while these products require little in the way of shopping and cooking, you’ll need to make sure you have them readily on hand when needed. Considering tucking some away in your desk at work and in the car or areas you might spend a little time in.

What You Need to Know About Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal Replacement ShakesIf you are trying to lose weight you may have considered any number of different weight loss strategies and options. One option that’s been around for many years is the use of meal replacement shakes. A shake that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can easily replace a meal when you are on the go or when you are following a specific diet in order to lose weight. There are a number of different benefits to using these shakes to replace meals, but here are just a few things that you should know about them.

Shakes Are Easy

Meal replacements that come in a prepackaged form are definitely one of the easiest ways you can go when you are looking for a diet plan. Generally the preparation consists of mixing a powder ingredient with milk or water to create the shake, a process that takes less time than microwaving a meal. For the super busy dieter, these shakes are the way to go. They can be prepared in advance and kept for a quick snack or meal that you can drink in the car while you are running errands or carting the kids from one activity to another. Whatever you use them for, there’s no denying that they are some of the easiest weight loss products to use.

They Are Packed With Nutrition

One of the best things about meal replacement shakes is that they have so many good vitamins and minerals in them that they can almost double as a daily multivitamin. They are designed to give you a complete dose of the most essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function over the course of a day. What’s even better about having a meal replacement that packed with protein and vitamins is that since it’s in liquid form, the nutrients are more available to your body. It’s fairly common knowledge that liquid nutrients are easier for your body to absorb than other types of supplements, so you can be sure that you are getting all your nutritional needs met even while you are losing weight.

Meal replacements are a great way to lose weight because they are simple and nutritious. Even if you replace just one meal a day with a shake, you get the benefits of an almost complete set of vitamins and minerals, and plenty of protein added to your diet. By cutting out one meal a day and replacing it with a shake, you may find that you are able to lose weight a lot easier that you would without a meal replacement. No matter what your lifestyle or how busy you are, a shake used to replace a meal can have a lot of benefits.

When is the Best Time to Drink Protein Shakes?

protein shakesIf you are looking into dietary supplements that can help you boost weight loss and to help you increase energy and get the most out of your exercise routine, your nutritionist has almost certainly recommend that you add protein shakes to your daily regimen.  One question that many new dieters ask, however, is when would be the optimal time to drink one of these shakes or to try eating protein bars.  If you are looking for the best time for you, it might come as a bit of a surprise that there are actually a few times that are considered ideal.

One of the best times to drink one of these shakes is right before a workout.  When you have chosen the best protein shake for your needs, you will find that it can give your body more energy to help you achieve more powerful and more effective exercise.  Ingesting one of these shakes before exercise can also help ensure that your body breaks down fat for energy instead of muscle tissue.  You will also find that these shakes can be a great way to restore the body immediately following your workout.

Depending on your dietary goals, you might find that a protein shake can make a fantastic meal replacement.  For people working to replace one meal a day, using one of these shakes in place of breakfast can keep your energy levels up throughout the day.  Avoid using a shake to replace your afternoon meal, however, as this is when your body’s nutrient and caloric needs are the highest and when you should be focused on providing your body with a healthy and varied meal that will give your body everything you need.  The best protein bars or shakes should be used instead for breakfast or dinner replacement.

One of the best pieces of advice for any dieter is to choose the best protein shake for your needs and for the time that you intend to drink it.  A shake can be a great way to help restore the body while you sleep, for example, but you would want to avoid shakes containing excessive calories.  Calories might be a good idea, however, just before a major workout, in order to ensure that you have the sugar needed to help you get the most benefit from your exercise.  As with any supplement, it comes down to determining your specific needs and then choosing the best product to help you meet them.

Proper Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition Supplements for AthletesIf you are an athlete or if you are looking to take up weightlifting, bodybuilding, running, or another form of athletic exercise, paying attention to the nutrients that you are putting into your body is absolutely imperative.  Sports nutrition is something that beginning athletes often overlook, and failing to meet your body’s needs can actually prove dangerous.  Working out requires a great deal of care and precision in order to prevent injury and to ensure maximum benefit, and part of this means paying as much attention to what you eat and drink as to how you are exercising.

One thing that athletes should certainly be aware of is the need for a high protein diet.  Protein is an essential part of overall health for all of us, but when you exercise, it becomes even more important.  Not only does your body rely on this protein to keep your energy supplies stable and even, but protein is an essential part of recovery and restoration after a workout as well.  A deficiency in this nutrient can greatly increase your risk of injury during workouts, and it can also mean that you will not be able to see the benefits that many others achieve from doing the exact same exercises.

Another important element of sports nutrition is taking nutritional supplements to help boost the effects of your workouts.  You will find that there are numerous products out there designed to do this, including many nitrous oxide boosters and creatine supplements.  Both of these can be a major part of your workout, helping you to get bigger, harder pumps as well as helping to really make the most of the anabolic window that follows any muscle building workout.  Many supplements go a step further by also helping to make the body more efficient during the post-workout recovery period.

The bottom line is that in order to really maximize your workouts, you need to choose high quality supplements and to use them in conjunction with a high protein diet.  Taking the time to really utilize care in selecting supplements is always advised, and you will find that supplements using known ingredients such as creatine and various vitamins in conjunction with well-tested proprietary blends will absolutely be your best bet.  Proper nutrition is critical for all of us, but if athletic exercise such as muscle building is part of your regimen, it is an absolute necessity to choose the right supplements for your body.

Are Meal Replacements Healthy?

meal replacement shake For people seeking to lose weight, the question of whether or not meal replacements are healthy is not at all uncommon.  Shakes and other supplements designed to provide nutrition in place of meals are an important part of the diet and bariatric nutrition industries, but consumers have also become increasingly conscious of product additives and overall safety where foods and beverages are concerned.  Thankfully, when you are choosing the right shakes and supplements, you will find that they are more than just healthy, they are actually better for you than many so-called healthy meal choices.

With meal replacement shakes, you are able to take in a significant portion of your daily recommended nutrients in a liquid form.  This provides the added benefit of allowing the nutrients to be easily and readily absorbed into the body.  While solid foods require being broken down by stomach acids in order to provide nutrient content, the same is not true for meals ingested in liquid form.  For people seeking to get better nutrition without taking in large quantities of high calorie foods in order to achieve this, these supplements are absolutely a better option.

One thing that consumers should certainly know about meal replacements is that they are usually a better source of nutrients than a daily multivitamin.  While it is very important to ensure that the supplements and meals you take in each day provide all of your recommended nutrients, the increased absorption rate means that your body will make use of many more nutrients than it would be able to pull out of a traditional vitamin pill.  This is certainly something that many dieters should consider when determining if replacements are a good part of their diet and exercise regimen.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a better way to ensure that your body receives adequate nutrition without starving or skipping meals, it is well worth your time and energy to look into high quality meal replacement shakes.  With a bit of research, you can easily find shakes that will help you meet your caloric and nutrient goals without unnecessary or potentially unhealthy additives.  The quest to lose weight in a safe and effective manner does not have to be overly difficult or overwhelming.  With the right supplements and replacements, you can even find that achieving your dietary goals can be as delicious and rewarding as it is beneficial!