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Battle Your Hunger and Lose Weight with Control Snacks

control snacks are great for weight lossSitting in an office on a hot summer day can get extremely boring, making you feel restless and increase cravings as well as the desire to eat a host of unhealthy foods. Fortunately, there is a solution to controlling that hunger for just about any businessman or woman. Control snacks can help keep those cravings at bay while also satisfying your urge for a tasty snack.

Battle those hunger pangs

The feeling of hunger is one of the biggest reasons diets tend to fail. If you can conquer your hunger pangs, you can be almost ensured of weight loss success. Whether that feeling stems from boredom or legitimate hunger that comes with the shakes, it needs to be satisfied to prevent a dieter from reaching for something unhealthy.

Nashua Nutrition’s control snacks are nutritious and delicious with a unique formula that allows safe and effective control of hunger by preventing low sugar, which is what triggers that appetite.

Energy boost

Control snacks were designed with a combination of effective ingredients that can significantly slow the release of energy from food which prevents low blood sugar and offers a continuous source of energy. Dieters who experience a lack of energy and feel sluggish have difficulty getting motivated to exercise.

Without daily physical activity, you’ll lose precious muscle and slow your metabolism. Including these tasty snacks in your diet will help keep the fires of the metabolism burning at maximum speed, helping you burn more calories as well as increase stamina, endurance and athletic performance.

Improved sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you’ll not only feel a bit grumpy the next day and have difficulty performing even the most basic tasks, but it can also negatively affect your weight loss efforts. Just one night without enough rest causes levels of the hormone leptin to decrease resulting in an increased appetite the next day in addition to causing more fat to accumulate in the organs.

Sleep is also important for muscle recovery as well as to stimulate muscle growth and breakdown fat. Eating a control snack before bed has been shown to reduce blood sugar lows by 75 percent which results in a much better night’s sleep so that you can avoid those ill effects.

Appetite Suppressing Foods: How Watermelon Helps You Eat Less

watermelon and other appetite suppressing foodsMom always said not to ruin your appetite by eating something sweet just before mealtime. However, your mom didn’t know about how watermelon suppresses appetite, making it easier to lose and maintain weight. With the majority of adults in the US considered overweight, there has never been a more urgent time to explore the benefits of watermelon and other appetite suppressing foods.

Watermelon and Hunger

Consisting of 92-percent water, watermelon is a fruit that is also high in fiber. The water content alone makes one feel full and satisfied after one or two slices, but it’s the fiber that really makes the full feeling stick around. The best part is that watermelon is extremely low in calories, meaning you can snack on it anytime you feel hungry or before meals without throwing off your calorie count for the day.

Watermelon isn’t the only food that works either. Appetite suppressing foods include most fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fiber. Foods that curb hunger include apples, pears, lettuce, cabbage, celery, and bok choy.

How They Do It

Scientifically speaking, foods that contain thylakoids are ideal for appetite suppression. Thykaloids are plant membranes responsible for photosynthesis. Such foods are often contain little calories and are very filling. For example, you consume only 50 calories when you eat two slices of watermelon. You could literally eat watermelon until you felt stuffed and still not consume a significant amount of calories. The bottom line: watermelon and other bulky fruits fill you up fast without adding many calories.

When used in combination with a balanced, nutritious diet, eating watermelon for appetite suppression is an extremely sweet idea. Just be sure to eat foods other than watermelon. You still need protein and other nutrients not provided by this hunger-curbing fruit.