The Worst Soups for Weight Loss

Many New Year’s resolutions revolve around weight loss. During the coldest months of the year. People are naturally drawn toward warming comfort foods such as soups and casseroles. Comfort foods can hide damaging weight loss roadblocks in the form of hidden fats and high calorie intake. And for patients of bariatric surgery, soups exist as … Read more

Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight Fast Enough After Bariatric Surgery

Currently in the U.S., patients seeking weight loss through bariatric surgery have four options: adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, Rouxen-Y gastric bypass, and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. Each surgery is different and performing physicians consider each patient’s needs before deciding upon the best course of action. While bariatric surgery exists as an option when … Read more

Toxic New Year’s Resolutions

With the start of the New Year, many people resolve to achieve better health. However, achieving this goal can be extremely difficult. In fact, the kinds of goals you choose are just as important as how you achieve them. Here are five New Year’s resolutions that can be more harmful than helpful on your road … Read more