Nashua Nutrition Announces June Slim-Down Challenge!

It’s no surprise that the weather has been heating up, meaning…beach season is here!! If the idea of tank tops, shorts and bathing suits makes you want to run inside, we have just the thing to ignite a little motivation in your pre-summer workout plan!

In 5 days, we’ll begin the Nashua Nutrition June Slim-Down Challenge!

This challenge is a perfect way to push yourself and become accountable – a sure-fire way to see faster results. Friday, we’ll be posting the details of the challenge but here are the main points to look forward to:

1) It will be a downloadable calendar – you can make it your desktop on your computer at work, print it for the home or office, or take it with you for daily reminders

2) Each day will feature a new tip about nutrition and exercise

3) Make sure to Like us on Facebook – we’ll be posting in-depth details about each day’s tip, including suggestions for food, exercises and even PROMO codes for some of our favorite products!

Get excited for June!

ProtiDiet Liquid Concentrate: A Convenient Way to Burn Fat and Maintain Muscle

ProtiDiet high-protein liquid

ProtiDiet high-protein liquid concentrates are a great way to aid your weight loss efforts as well as to help maintain or strengthen muscle mass. While these delicious drinks are ideal for body builders, anyone who wants to get into better shape can benefit by incorporating them into their diet. They not only help to build lean muscle mass, but also encourage fat loss, help you feel fuller longer and provide essential nutrients as well as improving metabolic activity.

These fantastic beverages come in all sorts of flavors that are sure to tempt your taste buds, including: Cool Raspberry, Grape, Green Tea & Cranberry, Kiwi-Melon, Orange, Peach Mango, Tropical Fruits, and Wildberry. Each contain just 70 calories, zero fat and 15 grams of protein per serving – and are available in easy-to-open liquid packets that are simply poured into a glass or bottle of cold water, shaken, and enjoyed!

ProtiDiet high-protein liquid concentrates make it easy to keep you on track and on your way to optimal health and fitness. By consuming one after a workout, the rich protein content helps to improve muscle strength by helping your body to repair its muscles. Consuming more protein each day, along with regular exercise has been scientifically proven to boost fat burning as compared to exercise alone.

As there is about an hour window after physical activity in which the muscles are primed to respond to protein, this is the time it’s even more essential to provide your body with quality sources of this important nutrient. During your workout, muscle breaks down, requiring amino acids to help rebuild and repair them. As protein helps to increase your base metabolic rate by preserving lean muscle, you’ll naturally burn more calories each day, speeding you to your goal that much faster.

What better way to get the protein you need to achieve the body you want than with your favorite flavor of Nashua Nutrition’s ProtiDiet liquid concentrates!

Combine Popular Digital Fitness Trackers with Nashua Nutrition Products to Meet Your Health and Weight-Loss Goals

meal replacements

Digital fitness trackers have skyrocketed in popularity recently. They’ve become a huge deal today with practically every company seemingly making its own. Leading CEOs throughout the tech industry are even wearing them with the data-obsessed executives treating their wellness the way they’d treat most business problems, analyzing and fixing the issue.

These high-tech gadgets provide a constant stream of numbers that gauge the wearer’s physical activity and sometimes even the length and quality of their sleep. As they also allow users to compete against each other, some CEOs are even using them to stay current on each other’s latest data for encouragement and motivation.

Having this data available seems to be helping many to prioritize well-being, including exercising more and sticking to better sleep habits.

Digital fitness trackers can help all types of people lose weight and improve fitness as well as overall health, but diet is another important part of the equation. Even if you’re exercising more often and have improved your sleep habits, that doesn’t mean you can eat whenever and whatever you’d like and not experience the consequences.

Combining some of Nashua Nutrition’s great weight-loss products with the use of a digital fitness tracker is bound to increase the odds for success.

In our modern, busy lifestyles it can be difficult to stick to healthy eating, especially when you’re at work or running around taking care of other responsibilities. By taking advantage of meal replacements like Proti Thin’s Chocolate Shake or Health Smart’s Vanilla Shake, it can help satisfy those hunger pangs without sabotaging your weight-loss efforts.

Control Products such as the Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight Control Bar or White Cheddar Control Crisps help to battle in-between meal hunger pangs as a healthy way to control your appetite while even helping to reduce calorie consumption at your next meal by up to 21 percent.

New Tech Partnership Along With Control Snacks Helps Diabetes Managment

Control Snacks

Labstyle Innovations, maker of a smartphone connected glucometer known as “Dario,” is partnering with nutrition app-maker FatSecret in order to integrate healthy living and eating with proper glucose tracking for diabetics and a comprehensive international food databank for logging food intake. The company states that it has taken what existing players in the market have done, integrating glucose meters into a smartphone as a presentation of the blood glucose and for capturing information as a logbook, two steps further.

LabStyle Innovations CEO Erez Raphael told MobiHealthNews that the company believes providing a smart software with pattern recognition and good user experience can help to provide a better level of personalization that allows users to define exactly what to do next and how to take care of themselves better.  This partnership allows Dario users to log food from FatSecret’s database, which is important for people with diabetes in managing their illness.

While Dario has not yet been cleared for use in the United States, it is available in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, and it’s expected to be released in the U.S. in the near future.

This could be an important tool for many diabetics as those with this serious health condition face a daily struggle of keeping blood glucose levels under control, which means choosing snacks that can stabilize blood sugar levels is essential. Nashua Nutrition offers a variety of products aimed to do this, such as Control Snacks which are known to safely and effectively control hunger by helping to prevent low blood sugar.  The unique combination of ingredients helps to significantly slow the release of energy from food to prevent low blood sugar while providing a continuous source of energy.

Products like the Control Bar Chocolate Delight are tasty, satisfy cravings, and can even work to stabilize blood sugar levels for up to nine hours in addition to improving management of diabetes and glucose intolerance.

Control Snacks for Hunger: Olympians’ Davis & White’s Diet

If you watched the Sochi Olympics, you couldn’t help notice the spectacular performances of ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White—and the spectacular physiques that went along with them.

For their level of athleticism, Davis and White need to pay close attention to what they eat—as well as how much time they spend eating, being that they must invest hours and hours daily in training. They can’t be bothered with meal preparation or distracting hunger pangs. This is where snacks that control hunger come in.

You need not be an Olympic athlete, however, to benefit from control snacks. Average “everyday” people can learn from Davis and White. These Olympians practice consistency. first off, They don’t have set meals. “We eat little bits throughout the day” says White. Supplying their bodies with energy is crucial, but at the same time, they can’t become weighed down with full meals.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White train early in the morning and need something that provides plenty of energy without heaviness. This requirement applies to many people who lead busy lives and must start their day very early. To keep energized throughout the day, Davis and White drink lots of water while controlling their snack intake.

These gold medalists have it all under control. Do you? If you’ve been struggling with snacking, you should be take control snacks—to control your hunger without depleting your energy, and to save time so you can quickly get back to your busy life. There’s no better way to do this than with the convenient, tasty and nourishing snack foods from

For example, who ever thought that Pizza Tasty Bites could be included in a weight control program? But they can! No need to fuss around counting calories or worrying about nutrition, and they are ready to enjoy no matter how much you’re on the go.

For an even faster treat, have a Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight. This sweet-tooth-lover’s snack is very satiating since it’s designed to more slowly convert to blood sugar than other similar products on the market, it won’t bog you down—enjoy one right before your group fitness class or after a hectic day at work. This nutrition bar is also great for diabetics.

Now if you prefer to snack on something crunchy, check out the Honey BBQ Crisps. These munchies are perfect for those who like to eat chips in between meals but find it hard to control over-indulging. The carbs in these crisps get slowly absorbed into your bloodstream, meaning you won’t have to eat a lot to feel satiated.

There are many more control snacks from which to choose. The secret to weight loss is all about feeling satiated, energized and not having to spend a lot of time with food preparation. This solution takes distraction and tedium out of your weight management equation!

Protein Wealth: Get a Summer Body like a Guardian of the Galaxy

It’s not impossible to have a muscular physique by this summer like a Guardian from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” You just need to stick to the right exercise plan—and get enough quality protein so that your body can recover from your workouts.

The thing with protein, though, is that for many people striving for that great summer body of attractive muscle development, protein is a nuisance.

Either it’s the same boring chicken breast, grilled or canned fish, and egg white omelet, or it’s some gritty protein powder that tastes crummy—and you have to add fruit, juice, etc. to it to make it taste decent—and that requires a noisy blender that your coworkers won’t appreciate.

These problems are eliminated all the way with Protein Wealth products. Not only is the issue of monotony put to rest, but these are protein foods that you can actually enjoy and not feel it’s something you “have to eat” in order to build muscle.

The beauty here is that these products can go with you anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about anything getting stale or having to remain refrigerated, or needing special equipment to mix anything up.

For example, the Cold Chocolate Drink requires only cold water, a glass and a utensil like a plastic spoon to mix it up. Voila! A delicious chocolate drink that’s high in protein—a snack that you can easily have at work or anywhere, while knowing that it’s helping you reach your summer goal of a muscular body.

And if you’ve lost enthusiasm over the tripod of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry for protein beverages, Protein Wealth actually has a Pineapple Orange Fruit Smoothie.

Not only do these products deliver on protein content, taste and convenience, but they are unbelievably low in calories and carbohydrates. This makes them ideal for those individuals who are also wanting to lose excess body fat while they add lean sexy muscle to their bodies. Plus, they help satisfy hunger and the urge to eat junky type foods.

Building muscle for your summer body with proper nutrition no longer has to be boring, messy or inconvenient. Protein Wealth is a tasty, very easy alternative to all the nuisance!

Save Both Time and Calories with Convenient Meal Replacements

meal replacements from Nashua Nutrition are a great way to lose weightLife is busier today than it has ever been. With the rapid development in technology, we all expected to be multiple places at once and the pace of life only seems to speed up with each day that goes by. While we are getting more done than we ever have, that doesn’t always leave time for a homemade, slow-cooked meal. Sometimes, we need to get nutrition quickly to get back to the business of life without much of an interruption. Just this reason is why meal replacements have gained in popularity so quickly over the last few years.

So what exactly are meal replacements? Basically, a meal replacement is a food or drink that is intended to deliver all of the nutrition you need to gain from a full meal. This could come in the form of a pre-packaged bar, a healthy shake, or various other products. Nashua Nutrition provides shoppers with a great variety of these time savers, so you will easily be able to find one that fits your tastes and your lifestyle. Different flavors, textures, and calorie levels are all available to pick from quickly and easily.

Meal replacements work great for those who are watching their diet because you will know exactly how many calories you are taking in when you consume one of these products. They are naturally portion controlled, and you won’t have to worry if your meal gave you all of the vitamins and minerals that you needed. For the busy person trying to keep up with work and family obligations, meal replacements from Nashua Nutrition are a great way to keep a healthy lifestyle on track.

It isn’t always easy to know where life will lead you when you roll out of bed each day, so taking one of these products with you in the car or in the office is a great idea that will allow you to be as flexible as possible. Have to work late? No problem – avoid fast food by using a meal replacement and keep your energy level up as long as needed. Pick up a supply today from Nashua Nutrition and be prepared to easily handle whatever life throws your way.

Athlete Diets: How Athletes Stay on Top of their Game

athlete dietsOver the next couple of weeks, some of the world’s greatest athletes head off as the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs enter into the NBA Finals. Besides dedication and training, athletes require proper hydration and nutrition to perform at their best. Without balanced meals, adequate hydration, and eating the right types of energy-boosting foods, athletes can become sluggish, suffer from poor concentration, and may become tired very quickly – all of which can and will affect their game.

Athlete Diets: The Importance of Hydration

When you’re dehydrated, your blood volume shrinks, which makes it difficult to regulate your body temperature and get blood to vital organs and muscles. To compensate, your heart starts racing, causing exhaustion and a significant drop in athletic performance. Additionally, dehydration can cause muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

It’s not enough for athletes to drink water and sports drinks while they’re playing or exercising. In order to maintain hydration, athletes must prepare for dehydration by consuming 17 to 20 ounces of water or sports drinks several hours before a competition. During the game, they must continue to hydrate as the body loses vital moisture through sweating and physical exertion.

Athlete Diets: Balanced Meals for Energy

Without proper nutrition, athletes can suffer from poor performance, longer recovery times after injuries and intense training sessions, weight gain and weight loss, and an impaired immune system. Eating a balanced, healthy diet complete with energy-enhancing foods customized to support their particular activity is extremely important for athletes who want to perform at peak level.

All in all, athletes’ performance is as affected by what they put into their bodies as it is by training and practice. Without the basics – hydration and nutrition – all the practice and training in the world would not help athletes reach their full potential.