Pumpkin Seeds: The Super Food

Well, who hasn’t as a child not had a box of those pumpkin seeds and enjoyed simply just sucking on them? In addition to the great pumpkin pies and puddings and the Jack-O-Lanterns that we enjoy around the fall of the year, it seems like the lowly pumpkin seed gets discarded as non-essential. However, we … Read more

Pierogi’s: The Ultimate Dumpling

We all love dumplings! Who doesn’t? Dumplings come in various forms, shapes and sizes. However, one of the best ever dumplings is the Pierogi’s, better known as a polish dumpling. It is basically a pillow type dumpling stuffed with, well whatever tastes great. They were originated in Eastern Europe. In its basic form, they are … Read more

Apple Pick For Your Health

Since childhood, we have all heard that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and how an active lifestyle promotes mental and physical health. Well how about combining these two thoughts along with the invigorating fall weather to picking your apple a day in the orchard? What are the health benefits of eating and … Read more