Staying Healthy During The Fall

With fall, days get shorter. This can result in people spending more time indoors. Longer evenings spent indoors can result in increased caloric consumption. Instead of succumbing to eating more and exercising less, consider exploring one or more of the following tips to stay active and make healthier eating choices. Eat carbohydrates in moderation. Instead … Read more

Fitness Myths Debunked

There are many common exercise myths that lead many exercisers to hope for results that they may or may not obtain. Let’s take a look at some common fitness myths that instructors wish would be verified. Paying close attention to these myths can potentially prevent frustration in and out of the gym. Fitness Myth #1: … Read more

Say Goodbye to Summer Weight Gain

Summer weight gain is a common occurrence for most of us. It happens to fall into the season of barbecuing and having good laughs with a tasty alcoholic beverage or two. The downfall to these summer activities are that the foods contain higher amounts of calories, and alcohol is no stranger to containing empty calories, which means … Read more