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Control Snacks: One of Your Best Weapons to Battle Overeating and Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Now that we’re well into 2013, many dieters who had resolved to lose weight and get into shape have gotten off track and given up on their efforts but it’s never too late to get back on that road to … Continue reading

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Don’t Ditch Your Diet: Satisfy Your Sweet or Salty Cravings with Snackergy

Dieting is all about will power, but those sweet and salty cravings can easily derail even the best efforts. If you don’t have something healthy to satisfy those urges, it’s easy to given in and reach for potato chips or … Continue reading

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The Importance of Proper Nutrition in Athlete Diets

Whether you’re a serious athlete or even a more casual exerciser, proper nutrition is imperative for ensuring optimal performance as well as energy levels. Athlete diets must contain the nutrients the body needs to fuel your activities, maintain endurance and … Continue reading

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Hitting a Brick Wall in Your Weight Loss Efforts? How Meal Replacements Can Help

Sticking to a diet for any length of time can be difficult and even those who make the most dedicated efforts often hit a plateau that makes it easy to give up. If you’ve found yourself in either situation, you’ll … Continue reading

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Discount Protein Bars: An Affordable Option to help you Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

With so many people on a tight budget in today’s economy few are prepared to shell out a lot of cash for anything, even if it helps in their efforts to lose weight. Fortunately, the discount protein bars through … Continue reading

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Tips for Staying Motivated to Stick to Your New Year Diet

Weight loss is one of the most common New Year’s resolution goals, but it’s also one of the hardest to stick to. Most dieters with even the best intentions are derailed by stress and the temptation to turn to highly … Continue reading

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The Importance of Post Workout Protein

Dieticians may argue over whether carbohydrates or fats satisfy hunger cravings and keep a dieter feeling fuller longer, there is little argument that protein out performs both.  Getting enough protein can be a key factor in achieving weight loss goals … Continue reading

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Benefits of Using Control Snacks for a Successful Weight Loss Plan

Whether you’ve started out the year with a new goal of successfully losing weight or have been attempting to get rid of stubborn pounds for a while now, Control snacks can be one of the best ways to stay on … Continue reading

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Tips for Choosing the Right Bariatric Vitamins after Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be a transforming experience for those who undergo it as the answer to battling obesity and the host of diseases and chronic illness that comes with that. Unfortunately, it isn’t always successful with some patients re-gaining … Continue reading

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Why Weight Loss Drinks are Especially Effective for Dieters

Weight loss requires hard work and dedication, and the majority of dieters often start out with good intentions only to give up when faced with too many unhealthy food choices or the stress of life’s daily responsibilities. Fortunately, weight loss … Continue reading

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