June Slim-Down Challenge: Day 4 – June 4, 2014

Today’s challenge: Drink 9 glasses of water! Sounds easy – can you do it? 

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The importance of drinking water is crucial, especially when you’re working out. For today’s June slim-down challenge we ask you to drink 9 glasses of water throughout the day. Think of it, one or two glasses in between or with meals, a few glasses during your workout, and before you know it you’ve got the challenge in the bag.

Good luck!

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June Slim-Down Challenge: Day 3 – June 3, 2014

engage abs correctly
engage abs correctly
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Good morning, challengers! Today’s challenge is a fun one – engage your abs for 10 seconds every single time you hear a phone ring!

It’s pretty simple – just tighten your core muscles and hold for 10 Mississippi’s (don’t forget to breathe!) Here’s a more in-depth article if you want to know exactly how to correctly engage your core. 

Good luck! :)

Here’s the calendar again if you need it! >>>Nashua Nutrition June Slim-Down Challenge


June Slim-Down Challenge: Day 2 – June 2, 2014

meal replacement mondayWelcome to Nashua Nutrition’s second day of the June Slim-Down Challenge!

Today is our first “Meal Replacement Monday” – and that means exactly what it sounds like. Pick a meal (ideally breakfast or lunch) and replace it with a healthy, nutritious alternative. We offer many varieties of meal replacements, including grab-and go shakes, healthy smoothies, bars and more.

Other options for meal replacements include:

  • Make a juice: use a blender, juicer or nutribullet (our fav!) to blend greens, veggies fruit and water
  • Make a smoothie: blend ice, fruit, yogurt and liquid of your choice
  • Eat a nutritious protein bar (great for on the go!)

Don’t forget to check out our selection of meal replacements, and from now until June 30th use promo code JUNE5 at checkout and get $5 off any order (limit one per customer)!

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June Slim-Down Challenge: Day 1 – June 1, 2014

Thanks for joining us during this challenge! The purpose of this calendar is to push yourself to do something each day you might not normally do. So, let’s begin!

Today’s challenge is to begin a food journal. Get a notepad and begin to take note of every single thing that you put into your mouth. Drinks included! Writing things down makes it real. Oh, no one saw you eat the corner of that brownie? Well, your journal did!

Take time to write down servings, time of day and how you felt after. This isn’t about anyone or anything but YOU. The journal acts as a method to document your feelings, learn about eating patterns (stress-eating, over-eating, not eating the right things, etc.) and to understand how your body and mind work together.

So get to it! Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section.

Here is the calendar again if you need it>>>Nashua Nutrition June Slim-Down Challenge

Nashua Nutrition’s June Slim-Down Challenge is Here!

Ok ladies and gentlemen, the official June 2014 Slim-Down Challenge has arrived. Download the link below that features a calendar with tips about food and exercise that will push you to be a better YOU in the month of June.

Check back here each day, or follow us on Facebook to learn more about each daily challenge. We’re here for you, so leave us a comment with any feedback!

Click here to download>>>Nashua Nutrition June Slimdown Challenge

Nashua Nutrition Announces June Slim-Down Challenge!

It’s no surprise that the weather has been heating up, meaning…beach season is here!! If the idea of tank tops, shorts and bathing suits makes you want to run inside, we have just the thing to ignite a little motivation in your pre-summer workout plan!

In 5 days, we’ll begin the Nashua Nutrition June Slim-Down Challenge!

This challenge is a perfect way to push yourself and become accountable – a sure-fire way to see faster results. Friday, we’ll be posting the details of the challenge but here are the main points to look forward to:

1) It will be a downloadable calendar – you can make it your desktop on your computer at work, print it for the home or office, or take it with you for daily reminders

2) Each day will feature a new tip about nutrition and exercise

3) Make sure to Like us on Facebook – we’ll be posting in-depth details about each day’s tip, including suggestions for food, exercises and even PROMO codes for some of our favorite products!

Get excited for June!

5 Killer Tips To Stay Healthy At Coming Parties

Getting ready to head to a party and worried about what impact it may have on your progress? If so, you need to get prepared. Proper preparation before attending a party is the best way to combat the typical high calorie intake that goes with them.

Here’s how.

Prepare A Juice Before You Go
Having something to take the edge off hunger is the best way to prepare yourself to avoid overeating. Consider whipping up a green juice smoothie using a nutribullet before you leave. You’ll get a high dose of nutrients and will feel energized all night long.

If you don’t have time to make your own, consider a Control Shake. It’ll keep you feeling satisfied so you reduce how much you eat.

Add A Little Extra Exercise
Going for a brisk walk before the party is not only going to help burn off some extra calories, but it’ll also put you in a healthier frame of mind. When you’ve done something positive for your body already, you’ll be less likely to indulge.

Plus, the activity can also help to reduce hunger as well.

Bring Your Own Healthy Side Dish
Bringing your own healthy side dish to the party is also a great way to know there will be something healthy there you can eat. If all that’s available is high-calorie, high fat options, you have no choice but to eat what’s served.

Avoid that problem by bringing your own.

Stand Away From The Table
Finally, make sure you position yourself away from the food table during the night. The closer you stand to it, the more likely you’ll be to reach for a snack when you shouldn’t.

So keep these tips in mind next time you’re heading to a party and you can make sure you enjoy yourself while keeping your diet on track.