Snackergy Can Be a Great Complement to Your Spring Cleanse

Shape magazine recently did a fantastic piece on seven different great spring cleansing foods, and it got us to thinking about not only the importance of a good cleanse, but of the importance of using varied and healthy snacks as a supplement to your diet rather than fatty or sugary options. Sometimes we just need to be able to satisfy that sweet tooth without ruining our diet. That’s where Snackergy products come in.

SnackergySnackergy is the perfect combination of science and delicious food.  Created with the goals of variety, convenience, nutrition, and of course, taste in mind, these snacks are designed to be more nutritious than traditional options while remaining just as tasty.  How do they do this when most diet foods can’t?  They leave in all of the great ingredients while removing the unhealthy ones and adding better options.  Better still, those who cannot eat peanuts or gluten will find plenty of options available to them as well!

What else is there to love about Snackergy?  They aren’t all salty or sweet snacks, there is something for everyone.  Whether you are looking to satisfy a salt craving, curb a sweet tooth, or fulfill the desire for something savory, you will find that there is an option just for you.  The variety offered by the company and available here at Nashua Nutrition really can’t be beat.

If your spring cleanse has left you feeling great and you are wanting to work hard to keep from filling your body back up with unhealthy toxins, let Nashua Nutrition and this great line of snacks help.  You will find many great options for any mood or craving, and you will find that they are healthy and convenient, making them perfect for taking on a run or eating at the office.  Your cleanse is a great way to start getting ready for summer, and these snacks are a great complement that will help keep you feeling good for months to come!

Protidiet Can Help Break Food Addiction

Morning Joe hostess Mika Brzezeinski’s recent People interview in which she revealed her struggle with food addiction was a real eye opener for many, yet for others, it was a sad reminder of what our culture has created in us.  Food addiction is incredibly common, and breaking unhealthy eating habits is incredibly difficult.  Mika was brutally honest in her interview, and in doing so, may indeed help to inspire women all over the nation to work towards a newer and healthier approach to eating.

ProtiDietOne way that dieters can work to help control cravings while maintaining a healthy diet is through the use of protein.  Protein naturally helps to curb cravings by keeping blood sugar levels steady and helping to create a longer lasting feeling of being satiated by a meal or snack.  Here at Nashua Nutrition, we are proud to offer the ProtiDiet product line.  Not only are these drinks, snacks, and meals absolutely delicious, but they are all packed with protein.

With ProtiDiet, you aren’t stuck with only one or two food options.  There are numerous choices for every meal, snack, beverage, and more.  Breakfast cereals, lemonades, cookies, soups, pastas, and more help ensure that there is always something available to satisfy.  The meals, cocoas, and drinks are delightful, and the portions are large enough to ensure that you actually feel full and stay full long after you eat without being so large that you feel as though you overate.  It really is the perfect exercise in moderation, which is something we can all use now and again.

Here at Nashua Nutrition, we take pride in offering only the best products for our customers, and we are extremely happy to be able to offer the ProtiDiet line.  If you are looking to take a stand against food addiction and struggles the way Mika did, this line is sure to help.  We know that finding a healthy meal isn’t always simple, but these options help make it easier while keeping it delicious.

Outdoor Workouts Demand Hydrating and Delicious Beverages Like Quick Boost

Are you looking forward to summer and the ability to run and exercise or even just play outdoors?  If you are like most of us, summer weather can’t get here fast enough.  Spending time outdoors is a great way to burn off extra calories, but it can also mean losing excess water.  Dehydration can be very damaging to the body and even to your weight loss goals, but you will find that adding a packet of Quick Boost to your water will not only help you stay hydrated, but it will boost your performance and energy all while tasting great!

Quick BoostQuick Boost from Nashua Nutrition comes in three different flavors, all of which are absolutely delicious.  Traditional Quick Boost comes in both lime and orange flavors and offers flavonoid antioxidants as well as metabolism enhancers and vitamins to help you stave off fatigue while improving health, wellness, and energy with a remarkably tasty drink.   If you are looking for even more benefit, the extra antioxidants in the berry flavored version are just what you need.  Add in two grams of dietary fiber and you will see that this product is definitely what you need for a day of fun in the sun.

Summer is always a favorite time of year, and it is a great opportunity to really get out and get some exercise without feeling like you are working out.  Jogging on the beach, playing sports with friends, or even walking the dog around a local park can be a great way to enjoy the weather while adding years to your life and helping to shed extra calories.  Just remember that dehydration is always a possibility and keep plenty of fluids in your system.  With Quick Boost from Nashua Nutrition, you don’t have to settle for water or for sugary drinks that will hinder your diet goals, and you will find plenty of offerings that will help you reach them instead.  Take the opportunity to find the flavor and formula you are looking for and you are sure to have a great time every time you step outside this summer!

Memorial Day Weekend Is a Great Test for Learning How to Control Appetite

With Memorial Day weekend comes barbecues, heavy appetizers, and lots of snacks.  It can be a stressful time for someone on a diet, as when you get hungry and everything is packed with unhealthy ingredients, it seems like the only real choice is simply to reach for whatever is nearby.  But Memorial Day also means that bathing suit season is just around the corner, and we are all working hard to look our best.  So what better time to learn how to control appetite issues than right now?

Control SnacksOne great way to control your appetite is to drink plenty of water.  That full feeling can certainly curb hunger cravings and help ensure that you aren’t overeating, but it won’t satisfy your body’s basic calorie needs.  If you are looking for a how to control appetite between meals without starving and while leaving some room to enjoy some of the great foods the holiday has to offer, Control Snacks are definitely the way to go.  You will find that they are incredibly healthy, but beyond that, they also offer any benefits to your body.

Control Snacks help provide you with extra energy by slowing the way your body releases the energies in what you eat so that your levels are more continuous while also offering better sleep as a result of steadier blood sugar levels.  They also offer carbs that are low on the glycemic index, which means that you won’t be storing those calories as fat but instead will actually use fat as energy.  Pair all of this with the fact that these great tasting snacks help curb your appetite and thus your weight gain and you can see why they have become so popular.

Control Snacks from Nashua Nutrition are a great complement to any Memorial Day get-together.  If you are wondering how to control appetite around so many great foods, we have your answer.  With Nashua Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle that includes both a good diet and a solid exercise regiment, your summer body may be just what you have been longing for it to be!


QuickTrim Keeps Kim Kardashian Looking Fabulous

When it comes to uber-hot celebrities, no name seems to come up more often than Kim Kardashian.  Not only has she been considered one of the hottest women in the world for a few years now, but even today, she still has a bikini body that most of us would die for.  How great would it be to wake up with a beach body like that every morning??


One of the biggest secrets to Kim Kardashian’s success, before pregnancy, has been a weight loss regimen called QuickTrim. QuickTrim a product available right here at Nashua Nutrition.  Available in four different formulas, the product is definitely a great way to help better reach your weight loss goals.  It is important to note that there is no magic supplement out there that can take the place of a healthy diet and exercise regimen, but you will find that this product can be the best way to supplement a healthy lifestyle and achieve the body you want.

QuickTrim is available as a two week cleanse or as Extreme Burn weight loss formula.  You can also find HotStix, which are powder that can be added to any beverage to help aid in weight loss while also providing a delicious taste that will keep you coming back for more.  Last, for those of us who just can’t always manage to stay away from pasta or dessert, the product offers the Sugar and Carb Cheater. This is definitely a big seller, and in our dessert and sugar heavy culture, it is easy to understand why.
At the end of the day, we don’t all wake up looking like Kim Kardashian.  With that said, however, it is not impossible to wake up with her body.  With a great lifestyle and some fantastic Nashua Nutrition products like QuickTrim, that perfect beach body can be just around the corner.  Kim may look as flawless pregnant as she did before, and with the right choices for food, exercise, and supplements, you can look just as amazing when you wake up every day.