Tips for Staying Motivated to Stick to Your New Year Diet

try a new year diet with nashua nutrition and lose weightWeight loss is one of the most common New Year’s resolution goals, but it’s also one of the hardest to stick to. Most dieters with even the best intentions are derailed by stress and the temptation to turn to highly processed, fattening or sugary treats.

Next door to the gym, you’ll often find donut shops or fast food joints – this certainly doesn’t make the challenge any easier. Faced with so many less than healthy choices, how do successful dieters keep themselves motivated enough to stay on track and achieve their goals? Here is a look at how you can stick to your New Year diet and lose those stubborn pounds.

Keep a food journal

By writing everything down, including food intake and exercise habits, dieters have been shown to lose twice as much weight as those who did not. This simple act is a great motivator to encourage people to consume fewer calories.

Healthy snacks

Keep plenty of healthy snacks nearby in order to keep hunger pangs at bay until you have the opportunity to eat a well-balanced meal. If you let yourself get too hungry, you’ll be more tempted to choose the first thing you can grab. Nashua Nutrition’s Control Snacks offer a great way to stick to any New Year diet by controlling the appetite and preventing symptoms of low blood sugar that can derail even the best efforts.


Rewarding yourself when you’ve accomplished a goal is also important. Each success, big or small, whether it is sticking to your diet for a week or losing 5, 10 or 20 pounds, should be celebrated through positive reinforcement and a reward preferably other than food. Anything that will motivate you to keep going, such as a new piece of jewelry or a spa treatment, can go a long way in helping a dieter achieve even the biggest weight loss goals.

Meal replacements

If you’re often under a time crunch as most people are these days, meal replacements can be a life saver. Not only do they offer portion control, but meal replacement drinks such as Nashua Nutrition’s Control Shakes are a great way to kick off your diet by providing motivation through immediate weight loss. Dieters who experience results quickly are more likely to stay motivated.

This is also an excellent way to meet your nutritional needs easily and conveniently –giving the energy you need to be motivated to work out and keep the fires of your metabolism burning.

Don’t let your New Year diet end before it’s even really begun. By following these tips you’ll be sure to stay on the road to success.

The Importance of Post Workout Protein

post workout proteinDieticians may argue over whether carbohydrates or fats satisfy hunger cravings and keep a dieter feeling fuller longer, there is little argument that protein out performs both.  Getting enough protein can be a key factor in achieving weight loss goals or maintaining a healthy weight, and it’s especially important to consume protein after a workout.

Why timing is important

Post workout protein is the best way to promote muscle growth during the short window of opportunity when the muscles are primed to respond. The meal you eat after a workout is arguably the most important of the entire day for anyone who wants to build muscle and lose fat. More muscle equals more calorie burning through a faster metabolism, making it much easier to meet even the most difficult weight loss goals.

The window of time after exercising is only about 20-60 minutes; during this period your muscles will store protein to be used as the energy and building blocks for recovery. By waiting too long after your workout, your body is less likely to use your food for fuel and recovery, providing less energy for your next session.

Protein source

While lean meats such as chicken or wild-caught salmon are good sources of protein, how many people have time to exercise and then immediately cook a meal? These foods tend to also be digested rather slowly, while beverages such as Pro-Stat 101 are not only easily accessible and ready to drink, but contain complete protein that is hydrolyzed for rapid absorption – allowing protein to be optimally utilized.

What are complete proteins and why are they important?

Complete proteins refer to proteins that contain all essential amino acids and are essential for your post workout protein. After a training session, the body experiences damage at the cellular level that can affect the immune system, muscle tissue – the entire system. The body needs to repair the damage by healing and recovering in order to make it stronger and complete proteins are essential for this process.

Whey protein

Shakes or drinks like the IDS New Whey Liquid Protein, contain whey protein. This is a complete protein that is perfect as an easy and convenient method of getting your post workout protein. It can be taken anywhere and consumed immediately after exercise – without having to mix powders in addition to not containing any carbohydrates or fat, so often found in other protein supplements. They are also available in a variety of flavors that are sure to satisfy the tastes of most everyone

Benefits of Using Control Snacks for a Successful Weight Loss Plan

control snacks are great for weight lossWhether you’ve started out the year with a new goal of successfully losing weight or have been attempting to get rid of stubborn pounds for a while now, Control snacks can be one of the best ways to stay on track and achieve your dream of reaching an ideal weight and optimal health.

Conquering hunger pains

Diets can fail for any number of reasons, but hunger is certainly one of the biggest. Those hunger pangs and even shakes that come with going too long without eating can overwhelm even those with the best intentions causing them to slip and reach for anything that will satisfy that feeling.

Fortunately, with the development of control snacks, the dieter is offered an easier and healthier way to control their appetite and ultimately reduce the number of calories taken in each day. Their uniquely formula is a safe and effective way to control hunger by preventing low blood sugar which triggers the appetite.

More energy

Dieters who are left feeling sluggish and without enough energy to get through the day will have a difficult time motivating themselves to exercise. Fitting in physical activity is crucial for successful weight loss that won’t lower your metabolism. You’ll want your metabolism at maximum speed in order to burn the most calories, and by using control snacks in your diet you’ll be getting a continuous source of energy that can result in improved athletic performance as well as increased stamina.

Better sleep

Did you know that getting enough sleep is another key factor in successfully losing pounds and maintaining an ideal weight? During sleep our body takes this time to stimulate muscle growth, build bones, breakdown fat and recover from the day’s activities. If you don’t get enough, this can slow your metabolism and cause weight gain. It can even cause you to eat more due to changes in levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin.

By eating a control snack before you hit that pillow at night, it can reduce blood sugar lows by 75% which makes for a much better night’s sleep.


Just by the virtue of having a convenient healthy snack to reach for, control snacks can prevent a dieter from being tempted to head to the vending machine or derailing their diet with other bad choices. It can also take away the symptoms of low blood sugar such as irritability, difficulty concentrating and headaches for up to nine hours, making it easier to wait until you have the opportunity to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bariatric Vitamins after Weight Loss Surgery

bariatric vitamins are necessary after bariatric surgeryWeight loss surgery can be a transforming experience for those who undergo it as the answer to battling obesity and the host of diseases and chronic illness that comes with that. Unfortunately, it isn’t always successful with some patients re-gaining the lost weight or developing complications. Proper nutrition and diet following gastric bypass surgery is imperative for those who want to be healthy and maintain an ideal weight for life.

The stomach is obviously smaller after this surgery, reducing the absorption rate of the nutrients the body needs. Coupled with the patient sometimes not being able to tolerate certain foods post-surgery, it can make it doubly difficult to get all of those essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients increasing the risk of malnutrition.

For those who hope to have a life time of successfully keeping weight off, choosing the right bariatric vitamins can be a key factor. What should patients look for when making this crucial decision? While it’s important to speak with your surgeon, many are not up on the latest research when it comes to vitamins, and even if you have a dietician it’s always a good idea to do your own homework in order to have control of your own life.

Designed specifically for bariatric patients

Choosing a multi-vitamin that is designed specifically for patients who have had weight loss surgery is a good place to start. Some, like the Bariatric Fusion Multivitamins are formulated and designed by a Bariatric Surgical Team, obviously familiar with the important nutritional needs of their patients. Their nutrients will prevent malnutrition that can lead to serious issues including permanent nervous system damage and anemia in addition to the loss of muscle which slows the metabolism resulting in weight gain.


With iron-deficiency anemia one of the most common health issues following weight loss surgery, it’s especially important to make sure you’re getting enough iron – part of the intestine responsible for absorbing iron is bypassed during the procedure. If you choose bariatric vitamins specifically made for the bariatric patient, they will likely include iron – but be sure to verify this by reading the nutrition label carefully.

No added sugars

It’s hard enough to avoid sugar in a daily diet, and most patients are advised to avoid or at least severely limit sugar following surgery so the last thing you want is sugar in your bariatric vitamins. Fortunately, Bariatric Fusion’s multivitamins are available in several different flavors like strawberry, tropical, wild cherry and orange cream making them taste great without the unwanted sugar.

Why Weight Loss Drinks are Especially Effective for Dieters

weight loss drinks such as control shakes are great for dietersWeight loss requires hard work and dedication, and the majority of dieters often start out with good intentions only to give up when faced with too many unhealthy food choices or the stress of life’s daily responsibilities. Fortunately, weight loss drinks offer an excellent option for losing weight while allowing the dieter to take control of their health.

Portion control

Portion control is one of the most important factors in losing weight. When meal or snack sizes are carefully monitored, the amount of food taken in is decreased, and, therefore so are the amount of calories. Weight loss drinks make portion control easy – the dieter doesn’t have anything to measure out, it’s already done and easily accessible.

The majority of people not only overestimate the calories they need, but they underestimate the calories they take in each day; by using this method of dieting, it eliminates error and leads to a greater chance of success.

Staying fuller longer

Weight loss drinks such as Nashua Nutrition’s Control Shakes are designed specifically to prevent hunger in between meals by helping to stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition to improving diabetes management, they’ve been proven to reduce calorie intake for the next meal by an average of 21%.

These diet drinks are a great way to curb hunger and avoid the temptation of less-healthy food choices. Filled with the nutrients a body needs, they also tend to make the dieter feel more energized instead of sluggish and deprived.

Kick start weight loss

By replacing one or two meals a day using products like the HealthSmart Meal Replacements shakes, it’s a great option for giving a kick start to your weight-loss program and losing pounds quickly. When dieters see immediate results, they are more likely to stick with the plan and achieve their weight-loss goals.


These drinks designed for healthy weight loss can make getting nutrition needs met much easier by providing the vitamins and minerals the body needs to get through the day with energy to spare. Using Nashua Nutrition diet plans combined with weight loss drinks can improve mental focus and even help dieters learn to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

A lower- calorie diet can prevent premature aging as well as a host of chronic illness and disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease – ultimately leading to not only a lengthier life but one that is healthier, and happier.