Using Health Direct Supplements to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

If you want to lose stubborn pounds and would like to achieve optimal health, you might be putting it off because of the hard work it typically takes to get the results you want. Determination and motivation is required, but it can be done. Thousands of people do accomplish their weight-loss goals and finally learn what it feels like to wake up in the morning with energy and vitality.

health direct supplements

While there is no magic pill that will instantly transform your body to perfection, there are a

number of ways that you can boost your efforts and keep yourself motivated to stay on the right track. A balanced diet and exercise are crucial in accomplishing your goal, and using Health Direct Supplements can provide the edge you need to get there. Also keep in mind that everything you do begins with a thought in your mind – positive reinforcement is imperative for success. Banish any negative thoughts by turning them into positive messages such as “I can do it,” or “I am strong and healthy.”

In addition to your long term goal, try setting mini-goals, picturing them as stepping stones to the final destination. Short term goals are often easier to accomplish and should be rewarded with positive reinforcement such as a massage or special spa treatment – anything that will truly motivate you.

Supplements can also be used to boost your efforts and speed things up along the way which can also give you added motivation. There is nothing like seeing the results of your efforts with looser fitting clothes or a smaller number on the scale.

Products like Health Direct supplements Sculpt n’ Cleanse are a popular way to aid in shedding stubborn pounds. Toxins and impurities that quickly build up in our bodies as a result of stress and nutrient-depleted foods lead to additional stored fat and a slower metabolism. A cleansing supplement is extremely effective in helping to eliminate these toxins – the average person has between 4-20 lbs of toxic intestinal build-up in their system! A gentle cleanse is one of the most important factors in shrinking the waistline, achieving an ideal shape and optimum health.

BeActive is another one of the Health Direct supplements that can help with weight loss by promoting flexibility and mobility, muscle recovery and endurance, helping to increase the desire to be active. The more physical activity you can incorporate in your day, the more calories you will burn – and pounds you will lose!


Benefits of Using Bariatric Advantage Following Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be very effective in battling obesity and its severe health consequences. Surgery; however, is not a magic fix, and patients have to learn how to eat healthfully in order to avoid gaining the weight back and then some.

Malnutrition can develop following the surgery with the absorption rate or intake of nutrients reduced that can adversely affect a patient’s health. In addition, many patients can no longer tolerate certain foods such as meat and dairy products after surgery which can make it more difficult to get the essential nutrients the body needs. Because the stomach has been made smaller, people who have had weight loss surgery are at risk of not getting enough protein, iron, fiber, important B vitamins and other important nutrients due to the amount of food they are able to take in.

Malnutrition can lead to many serious health problems like anemia, permanent nervous system damage and vision problems as well as lead to losing muscle mass which will slow the metabolism and cause weight gain.

bariatric advantageBariatric Advantage offers specific vitamins and nutritional products that are designed to meet the needs of these individuals and help lead them to a lifetime of successful weight management.

Advanced Fiber formulas can give your body the fiber it needs in order to maintain bowel regularity as well as a healthy intestinal transit time and support a healthy body composition, or body fat to lean muscle mass, which is crucial to keeping your metabolism burning.

B-complex vitamins are crucial in regulating chemicals in the body in order to convert food into energy as well as promote cell growth and aid in cancer prevention.

No matter which form you prefer to take your supplements, there are a wide variety of types to meet the needs and preferences of most everyone, including chewable forms, capsules and shakes.  Bariatric Advantage offers the most bio-available forms that make them easy to digest as well as being proven to absorb.  The chewable formulas use a micro-encapsulation process that eliminates that unappetizing after taste that is commonly found in other multi-vitamin chewable formulas.

The importance of natural forms of vitamins in order for the body to properly absorb and utilize them is crucial in nourishing the body, which is what you will find in the Bariatric Advantage Chewable Multi-Formula.

By setting up a nutritional plan into place before your surgery, you’ll have a much better chance at achieving optimal health and an ideal weight for life.

Proven Weight Loss Supplements

weight loss supplementsWhile there is certainly no magic pill on the market that can make you instantly lose all the weight you want, there are a number of weight loss supplements that can be effective in boosting your efforts combined with proper diet and exercise.

With so many different supplements on the market, which have been found to truly be effective?

Gentle cleansing

While harsh cleansing diets lack the essential nutrients your body needs in order to perform its daily activities and can also back-fire by slowing the metabolism and causing weight gain over time, gentle cleansing supplements serve to nourish the body by providing it the nutrients it needs to return to a natural balance. They safely work to eliminate harmful toxins and impurities which can lead to weight gain and often work by providing needed fiber that allows your body to eliminate waste more efficiently.

Green Tea

Green Tea extracts have been proven to have an effect on reducing weight due to its compounds: caffeine, catechins and theanine. It’s also been proven to help decrease dangerous belly fat and even lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels.


Chromium supplements have been proven to effectively lower blood sugar and insulin levels which can also increase the level of good (HDL) cholesterol. It’s essential for normal sugar and fat metabolism and a important factor in weight control and decreasing excess body fat. Chromium can even help to decrease the appetite and reduce sugar cravings.

Meal replacements

When used effectively, meal replacements are considered one of the most effective.  Studies have shown that dieters using meal replacements on average lose and maintain 2-3 times as much weight as traditional dieters. They provide users a way to accurately measure and control the amount of calories they’re ingesting in addition to being much more convenient than preparing a complete meal. The structure they provide can help improve overall nutrition and make a difficult food choice much easier.


While most of us realize we need calcium for strong bones, research has also indicated that this natural mineral may be another one of the more highly effective weight loss supplements. Studies have shown that those who consumed 1,500 mg of calcium daily experienced a more significant weight loss compared to those who had a lower consumption.  Calcium stored in fat cells has been found to play a crucial role in regulating how fat is stored and broken down – the more calcium within a fat cell, the more fat it actually burns.

The Benefits of a Medical Weight Loss Program

Medical Weight Loss

medical weight lossWith obesity rates skyrocketing, many people are turning to medical weight loss programs in an effort to achieve a healthy weight. Those who have attempted fad diets usually end up in a vicious cycle that starves the body and ultimately slows the metabolism to a crawl, resulting in more and more pounds over time.

A medical weight loss program utilizes effective medical principles under a physician’s supervision; without jeopardizing a patient’s health through dangerous or ineffective diets. The methods used are based on proven scientific principles that are known to promote weight loss and to get to the root cause of obesity.

How can a medical program help in achieving weight loss goals?

Customized plan

These programs are personally designed, analyzing much more than a patient’s daily food intake and physical activity. A physician considers the entire health profile to develop the plan that takes into account the patient’s medical history and possible hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, prescriptions and many other factors that have a huge impact on weight loss and weight gain.

A physician will be able to perform a complete evaluation including a weight and body fat analysis, comprehensive blood panel, EKG and more which will give you a much better starting point on your way to achieving better health and an ideal weight.

Other medical issues

If you are obese, or even just overweight, your chances of having a number of other medical issues are greatly increased, making physician supervision even more critical in achieving optimal health. Just a few of the common afflictions that the overweight or obese might have include coronary heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes,  respiratory problems and osteoarthritis.

If you’ve been diagnosed with one of these health concerns, you may be on a number of medications that need to be taken into consideration when developing an effective weight loss plan. In addition, you may experience changes in your heart and respiratory rates as well as blood pressure that should be monitored by a physician.

Personal support

A physician can provide extra motivation by encouraging behavior change and providing accountability through frequent visits.  Along the way they’ll be able to tell you exactly how much of your weight loss is due to water, fat or muscle which will allow you to make adjustments accordingly.

Those who have enrolled in medical weight loss programs often experience significant improvements in their overall health and even dramatically reduce their risk of many weight related conditions.

Why High Protein Diets Can be Effective for Weight Loss

High Protein Diets

high protein diets Many people have turned to high protein diets in an effort to lose stubborn pounds, and quite a few have found them to be especially effective. While some diets may work better for certain people than they do for others, there are a number of reasons that high protein diets can help to achieve weight loss goals.

Feel fuller longer

With protein taking longer for the body to breakdown and process than many other foods, a diet higher in protein will make you feel fuller longer than you would after eating a meal that is primarily full of carbohydrates. It can decrease your desire to eat for at least several hours which means that your overall calorie intake is likely to decrease as well, leading to weight loss.

While researchers have not discovered exactly how protein works to reduce the appetite, they believe that it may be due to protein causing the brain to receive lower levels of appetite-stimulating hormones. In addition, with fewer insulin spikes there are fewer fluctuations of sugar levels which mean fewer cravings.

Reducing blood fats

A diet that is higher in protein and moderate in carbs, combined with regular exercise, is thought to reduce blood fats. Experts agree that it helps to maintain lean tissue while burning fat for fuel without the dieter experiencing constant hunger pains.

Boosting metabolism

High-protein foods take more work to digest as well as to use and metabolize – which means your burning more calories just to process them. With the body using the amino acids in protein to build muscle, this also serves to help you burn more calories even when you’re at rest.  High protein diets can make you stronger and more toned while keeping the fires of the metabolism burning more efficiently. All of this leads to more calories burned and more pounds lost.

Easy to follow

There are a wide variety of high-protein diets to choose from, which means that the odds of finding the one that works well for you is greatly increased; when a diet is easy to follow and readily available, it’s much easier to stick to. Making an easy meal of grilled meat with a salad is simple to prepare at home, or to pack for lunch at work.

If you’re looking for a snack or easy-to-reach meals that will keep you from being tempted, there are lots of high-protein bars and shakes that will do the trick.

Losing Weight Around the Clock with Health Direct Products

Millions of people are collectively spending billions of dollars each year all around the world on a wide variety of pills and potions that are specifically designed to help them drop plenty of pounds in a short span of time.  While there have been a few products that have been able to produce those kinds of results safely and consistently across the board, the majority of the products that are currently being sold are absolute failures.  Studies have proven, however, that Nashua Nutrition’s line of Health Direct products is definitely on the short list of products that work great.

The Element of Losing Pounds

 Diet and exercise are still imperative when it comes to getting the very best results out of any weight loss product or plan.  However, having a great pill to help enhance those results always makes a great addition to the process.  Nashua Nutrition has been able to hit that mark when they decided to release Health Direct 24/7 Weight Loss capsules.  These pills work throughout the day and even while you sleep at night.

The ingredients that are flowing within each of the capsules inside of these bottles work hard towards eliminating the negative effects that occur within a person’s body as they eat different starches, fats and sugars throughout the day.  It also delivers a thorough process of thermogenesis that is free of any enhanced stimulants, allowing your body to use its stored fat for energy. The protection that is received through antioxidants also works wonders on a cellular level as well.

Cleaning Out Your Body along the Way

 As the old saying goes, bringing in the good is only effective as long as you are getting rid of the bad at the same time.  Health Direct Sculpt n’ Cleanse capsules deliver in this regard as well.  These capsules get rid of any buildup of toxins and internal plaque that may have accumulated within a person’s body.  It is scientifically engineered through a formula that supports self-regulation, meaning that your body will only take as much as necessary.  Users do not need to make any changes to their existing diet plans or weight loss programs in order to still enjoy the benefits of these capsules at the same time.

Weight loss pills and potions are being developed on a global scale within an industry that will continue to grow and expand at an exponential rate over the next few years.  If you want to get results the first time around without having to empty out your bank account by trying out a long list of different products, you do not need to look any further than Nashua Nutrition’s Health Direct line of high-end products.