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Top 10 Most Visited Health & Medical Information Websites – Infographic

Happy Friday! We’ve decided to put together some interesting facts: where people go to find heath and medical information on the internet. Personally, WebMD is my go-to, and 9.4% of online searches seem to have similar thoughts! Check out some … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at Sports Nutrition

 Being an athlete takes a lot of hard work and training.  These days, only a handful of people are interested in fortifying their lives with the proper diet and an exercise routine.  I run a mile a day, and have … Continue reading

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High Protein Diets: Not Just for Bodybuilders

Increasing numbers of people are turning to high protein diets in an effort to lose weight. There is research that suggests that this type of diet can help you better control caloric intake and minimize your appetite. Diets that consist … Continue reading

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Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Everywhere you turn it seems there is a new weight loss supplement ad. Losing weight is big business. Extreme weight loss dramatically changes your physical appearance, but more importantly it increases your physical and emotional health.  It is not surprising … Continue reading

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Kick Start Your Scale: Tips for Fast Weight Loss

 Got the freshman 15 around your waist? Has your muffin top started to resemble a busted can of biscuits? Then you are going to want to read these tips for fast weight loss. Here are our top 6 tips for … Continue reading

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