The Best Discount Protein Bars

discount protein bars from nashua nutrition are good tasting and good for youProtein bars not only provide a wide variety of benefits to boost the results of any weight loss plan; offering a quick nutritional boost, serve to prevent unhealthy snacking, and can even increase the body’s metabolism, but in today’s economy it’s even possible to find discount protein bars. But which do you choose that will meet your nutritional needs by providing a bar that is low in carbohydrates and not high in sugar, and tastes good?

Here is a look at some of the best discount protein bars that keep your metabolism running smoothly, allow your body to burn calories more efficiently and don’t cost an arm or a leg.



HealthSmart is currently offering discount protein bars that come in a wide variety of flavors in addition to having a much better nutritional profile than most other protein bars. Currently all of the HealthSmart bars, regularly $16.00 for a box of 7 are on sale for $10.95, which make their bars just $1.56 each. They also contain far less than 15 grams of sugar, and are packed with nutrition. HealthSmart bars truly feel like you’re cheating on your diet a little, without the added guilt, and you won’t have the guilt of spending too much either; ultimately leading to less stress which can also increase the chances of more weight loss.



MetraGenix 2:1 bars are on sale for just $32.95 for a box of 12, a discount of 23%. They offer one of the best protein bars on the market with the highest quality ingredients along with a great taste and texture. Every flavor has less than 15 grams of sugar per serving with no transfat.


ISS Oh Yeah! Good Grab Size Bar


The OhYeah! Good Grab Size Bar is another of the outstanding discount protein bars. It is high in protein with 15 grabs, low in calories and sugar, yet it has the same great taste as the original OhYeah! bar. This provides excellent satisfaction, satisfying even the most satiated, curbing the urge to fall off the diet wagon. Chocolate lovers really appreciate this bar and fills the need for a sweet treat without the guilt of cheating or spending too much of your hard earned cash.

Many describe the OhYeah! bars as tasting like a mix between a Snickers and a PayDay bar, all in one. You may find it hard to believe that this is one of the discount protein bars. Dieting just doesn’t get much better than this!

The Best Weight Loss Supplements to Complement your Diet Plan

If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, or just want an effective complement to your diet and exercise plan, weight loss supplements can offer a great way to assist in shedding those stubborn pounds. Here is a look at two of the best.



Cleansing products such as Driven Nutrition’s Essence Cleanse is a great aid to boost weight loss results. This product is a great way to kick off a diet by serving to free the intestinal tract of excess waste, lessen bloating and boost energy levels. Many dieters lose several pounds in the first few days.

A gentle cleansing such as Essence Cleanse is an especially effective complement to a healthy diet and exercise routine. As a result of our modern busy lifestyles, filled with stress and nutrient depleted foods, toxins and impurities can quickly build up. Our bodies often store additional fat in order to protect itself from these impurities which can cause weight gain – counteracting all of that hard work and effort you’ve put into your diet and exercise program. A whole body cleanse can get directly to the root cause of the problem, enabling you to achieve long term weight loss.

Appetite Control


one of the more popular weight loss supplements is raspberry keytonesIn most any diet, appetite control is of utmost importance and is often the most difficult factor for anyone trying to lose weight. This is where weight loss supplements can really help, including products like Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Raspberry Ketones, are a natural appetite suppressant known as a natural thermogenic, due to the release of norepinephrine. They also aid in the breakdown of fat molecules used for fat metabolism.

Nature’s Essence Hoodia Xtreme is made from 100% pure Hoodia ordonii powder wrapped inside an extended release tablet. The extended release system used causes allows the hoodia to slowly enter the system over time, making you feel consistently full throughout the day while immensely decreasing your appetite.

Quick Trim’s Extreme Burn is one of the best weight loss supplements with a formula that helps burn more calories than through diet and exercise alone. The product safely works to burn calories and curb cravings as well as providing a boost to energy levels. The sustained release formula also allows for great absorption as well as a controlled release of nutrients, providing the ultimate calorie burn.

While there is little doubt that achieving an ideal shape requires hard work and dedication, weight loss supplements offer a great way to speed up the process.

Five Benefits of Meal Replacements

meal replacements are a great way to lose weight because they are structured to be the right amount of calories for youThe importance of diet when it comes to maintaining, losing or even gaining weight cannot be underestimated. If you want to achieve excellent overall health and an ideal shape, you’ve got to work hard, and meal replacements can be a great way to make that happen and can mean the difference between success or failure.

Controlling calories


Controlling the amount of calories ingested is one of the most crucial parts of any diet. Many diets fail at this due to inaccurately estimating the number of calories ingested in a day, and pre-packaged foods offer a great way to control calories and determine exactly how much food you’re really eating.


HealthSmart Meal Replacements a great weapon in your arsenal, a bit help when it comes to portion and calorie control. They provide an excellent option for assuring the amount of calories eaten and also provide a great way to avoid the hassle of creating your own meal on busy days.

Meeting nutritional needs

With meal replacement products you don’t have to worry about meeting nutritional needs, with products like the Lean Body Carb Watchers containing high levels of protein, just 12 grams of carbohydrates and 20 essential vitamins and minerals. It was also awarded an American Tasting Institute Gold Medal and the high protein content serves to help add muscle mass which can increase metabolism as well.


Increased weight loss


The results of numerous studies have shown that dieters who use meal replacements lose and maintain 2 ½ – 3 times as much as weight as those on more traditional diets. They also help minimize difficult decisions in food choices, making it easier to choose the right thing and stick to a diet.

These products are also convenient; very helpful for people who are especially busy and eliminating the excuse that following a diet is just not possible due to a full schedule. Shakes can be as easily prepared as a beverage.



With the cost of Meal Replacements like HealthSmart just $2.42 per meal, the cost of replacement bars and shakes are often far less than eating out or buying other prepackaged foods. If they’re purchased in bulk, the cost is reduced even more. Lean Body For Her Meal Replacement is less than $2.00 per meal!


Don’t forget, while these products require little in the way of shopping and cooking, you’ll need to make sure you have them readily on hand when needed. Considering tucking some away in your desk at work and in the car or areas you might spend a little time in.

How Health Direct Supplements Can Improve Your Life

Health Direct supplements can greatly improve your lifeHealth Direct offers a wide variety of high quality, science and evidence based supplements that will help you feel better from the inside out, improving lives in a number of ways from improving overall health, increase energy and enthusiasm for the day, and even reducing or eliminating anxiety and depression. Between the stress of our daily lives as well as the decreasing nutritional value of the food we eat, supplements have become a necessity.

Here is how taking Health Direct supplements paired with a balanced diet and exercise can improve your life.

Multivitamin and mineral supplement


Multivitamins are important for everyone, and even more so for older women and athletes. Health Direct’s Nature’s Optimal Nutrition provides a natural supplement, made from plant sources without being derived from acetylene gas or coal tar like their synthetic counterparts.  Natural vitamins and minerals are absorbed better and made from organic food sources that are free from pesticides.

Multivitamins can help prevent illness as well as serve to help you recover quicker. B-complex vitamins and vitamin C improve energy, a better physical response to stress and can also boost your body’s energy.

Weight Loss

24/7 Weight Loss is a Health Direct product that can improve your life by helping to lose even the most stubborn pounds. This product is a stimulant-free diet supplement that enhances weight loss through calorie blocking and fat burning. 24/7 safely reduces unwanted pounds and inches, making you feel younger too.

Eliminating Toxins


Through Health Direct’s Sculpt n’ Cleanse, this popular product has the ability to gently eliminate toxins that can result in further weight loss as a gentle cleansing that is an especially effective complement to diet and exercise. Toxins and impurities can quickly build up resulting in increased fat storage. This product serves to counteract that and give dieters an edge in shedding pounds.

Sculpt n’ Cleanse can even help reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms and improve the digestive system.

Reduce effects of aging


Most people are concerned about the effects of aging on their looks and energy levels. Health Direct offers Amino Sculpt, the most potent liquid collagen supplement available to combat this through providing better skin and nails, reduced body fat and even higher energy levels.

If you want to look and feel better, by taking these incredible science and evidence based supplements, you’ll be taking steps to improve your life from the inside out!

Celebrate Vitamins Offer Important Supplements Your Body Needs after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. Some bariatric surgeries work through malabsorption, which simply means that the body blocks absorption of certain vitamins and minerals which can result in nutritional shortfalls. Many bariatric procedures can also cause similar shortfalls because the patients who undergo them are left with a smaller stomach and can’t eat a large amount of foods and get fewer essential nutrients in their daily diet.

celebrate vitamins are important to take if you have had bariatric surgeryCelebrate Vitamins is one of the top companies providing supplements to bariatric patients, with this in mind; here is a look at the four of the most important supplements to ensure that your body gets the nutrition it needs.



Most bariatric surgeons suggest a daily multivitamin after any weight loss surgery, and with chewable or liquid multivitamins most easily absorbed, they are the least likely to cause heartburn and ulcers following gastric banding or bypass surgery.

Celebrate Vitamins Multi-Complete Chewable provides an excellent multi-vitamin that also tastes great. For those that need an iron supplement, this multivitamin supplies 36 mg of iron as well as all of the vitamins and minerals in their original formula.



Although your multivitamin may contain some calcium, it’s often not enough to make up for the calcium losses in your diet. A supplement like Celebrate’s Calcium PLUS 500 Chewable provides 500 mg of calcium citrate in each chewable. The normal typical chalky taste of calcium supplements is hidden with the sweet and tart taste – they are actually enjoyable to ingest! In addition these contain Vitamin D which is necessary to properly absorb calcium.

Vitamin B12


Most multivitamins do not contain enough B12, a necessary vitamin for brain function and building red blood cells in addition to increasing metabolism – serving to enhance further weight loss. Celebrate Vitamins B12 Sublingual Quick-Melt resolves this issue with sublingual tablets that dissolve in less than one minute and taste great too.



Anemia is common following weight loss surgery, even years down the road, and iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia after bariatric surgery. Many people need more than what is found in their multivitamin, and Celebrate Vitamins Iron+C Chewables also contain Vitamin C needed for absorption. They include an outstanding formulation, the berry flavor tastes good and they are easy to chew and don’t cause stomach upset or darken teeth as many other iron supplements do because of the ferrous fumarate coating.