Health Direct Supplements & Who Can Benefit From Them

Health direct supplements are a line of health and nutrition products that have been designed with quality in mind.  These supplements are intended to be used by people who are truly serious about their health and well being and are looking for only the best.

Health direct has been a leader in the nutrition world for the last two decades.  The company began by providing products along with marketing advice to other nutrition and health companies, as well as consumers.  After the founder lost more than twenty five pounds and improved his own body, he began educating his family and friends about certain products and tricks he learned along the way.  From here, he decided to bring his wisdom and products to the masses, and launched a line for the public.  After a great deal of preparation and research, the company was officially launched in 1996 and continues to market their own brand of completely unique and effective supplements.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, or if you are just conscious about your body healthwise, Health direct has plenty of products for everyone.  From basic health and well being supplements, to healthy aging supplements, and from joint health to digestive health and everything in between, there is sure to be something to benefit you.

The company prides itself on being all natural, safe, and devoid of ingredients that may be harmful or contain stimulants.  All formulas sold are scientifically based, with real concrete evidence available to back up all of their claims.  These supplements are not like any other sold on the market, and cannot be found in generic form anywhere other than sold by the company.

The company is so sure that you will love their products and that you will notice real results that cannot be seen or experienced with any other similar product, that they provide a money back guarantee.  This is simply not something you will find with other products, and something that you should take a great deal of stock in.

If you are truly serious about your health, losing weight, or just feeling great, be sure to check out Health direct and their line of products.  Taking the time to learn more about the company and what they can offer can make all the difference in the world.  You will be quite impressed by the quality offerings available, and the many health benefits they can provide.

Fast Weight Loss: Is There Such a Thing?

fast-weight-lossFast weight loss is something that many people have longed to find for years.  People tend to really start their quest for quick weight loss when a special event such as wedding or reunion is looming near and they want to look their very best.  While there are tons of weight loss products on the market today, along with diet gurus and a variety of exercise products, and even fad diets that all promise quick results, many people are still left with less than desirable results.  So, is it really possible to lose weight quickly?

One method people often turn to for fast results are diet pills or supplements.  These products are meant to supplement a regular diet in an effort to cause people to drop excess weight.  They can boost metabolism, burn fat, or suppress the appetite.  For the most part, diet pills and supplements are not a meal replacement.

Meal replacements are also commonly used for fast weight loss.  These replacements can be in the form of bars, or drinks and usually have all of the nutrition needed to sustain health, while reducing caloric intake.  In some cases, these replacements are combined with diet supplements.

There are even liquid diets that promise quick weight loss.  Many celebrities and Hollywood elite swear by these diets and claim their bodies are detoxified in as few as one to two days, with near immediate results noted.

Diets to lose weight quickly have a few key advantages.  One such advantage is that they can cause almost instant weight loss, and are ideal for people with a body mass index in excess of 30.

That being said, diets that promise fast results also have disadvantages.  One such disadvantage is that people tend to regain the weight loss, and then some, once the diet is stopped.  This has been attributed to several different factors including a lack of dietary fiber.  Not consuming enough fiber can lead to digestive issues, constipation, malnutrition, dehydration, and even heart disease.

Perhaps the best and healthiest way to lose weight is through consuming a proper diet and getting plenty of regular exercise.  This will naturally burn fat and calories, while increasing the metabolism.  Of all the ways to lose weight quickly, it is recommended to follow a diet and exercise plan that is doctor approved and designed by a trainer or nutritionist.  While you may not see immediate results, making positive changes will encourage results for the long term, and will allow you to lose the weight and keep it off.

Keeping Thanksgiving Dinner Healthy

With the changing seasons, and the fall colors starting to appear, thoughts naturally begin to turn toward Thanksgiving.  This one meal often packs thousands of calories, and adds a number of pounds to the waist lines of millions of people each year.  Even though the holiday is one of the most fattening, so many people really love it.  So, is it possible to enjoy Thanksgiving, but keep it healthy at the same time?  The simple answer is yes!

Believe it or not, turkey is actually one of the healthiest meats around.  It is packed with lean protein, and is high in vitamin B6, phosphorus, zinc, niacin, and selenium.  Best of all, turkey is extremely low in carbs.  A three ounce serving of white meat contains just three grams of carbs, fifteen grams of protein, and only eighty seven calories.

Another key to keeping Thanksgiving dinner healthy is to watch the amount of sides you consume.  For example, go easy on the stuffing.  Stuffing is stuffed with calories and carbs, as it is nothing more than butter and broth drenched bread.  In many cases people add extras such as sausage or shellfish which only compounds the calories and fat.  If you simply cannot skip this tasty side, make sure you keep your serving small and reasonable, to about a half cup.

Finally, make Thanksgiving healthier by beginning a new tradition.  After dinner is over, suggest a fun activity that everyone can take part in.  A simple walk around the neighborhood or a game of touch football out in the yard can get your blood pumping, and help burn off some of those delicious dinner calories.

Ways to Keep Active When It’s Cold Outside

The cold weather often keeps people inside.  When people are kept inside they tend to become a bit lazy, snack a bit more, and spend more time lounging on the couch, starring at the television.  After all, heading out into the frigid air, and the snow drifts does not appeal to everyone, and not everyone enjoys colder temperatures.  So, how do you stay active when you just cannot bear to head outside?

One great way to stay active is to simply move your exercise routine indoors.  Buy some light weights to lift, a few workout DVDs, or a piece of exercise equipment.  Workout just as you would outside, at least a few times a week for best results.  You can even make use of common household items such as canned goods, bags of rice, and your stairs to create a complete exercise circuit.

Winter is also a great time to tackle those household projects you have been putting off.  If you have been meaning

Finally, some of the new video games actually provide a great workout.  Be sure to choose games that are completely interactive, and if possible, ones that track your personal results.  What will seem like a few hours of afternoon fun can turn out to be a wonderful, fat burning session that yields tremendous rearrange your closets, organize your kitchen, or redecorate a room, do it now.  Not only will be thrilled to have your projects done, you will also get a great workout at the same time.

Curbing Your Appetite With Meal Replacements

You may have come across the phrase meal replacements but may not know exactly what it means, or what is involved in the process.  This type of diet plan is somewhat new, and requires the eating of foods that are prepackaged, supplements, or shakes to curb your appetite, instead of more traditional meals.

Meal replacements and meal replacement shakes are designed meal replacementto help control the amount of food that is consumed, but they are also low in fat, low in calories, and well balanced.  These programs are relatively easy to follow since they do not require dieters to count calories, and since everything is set up for you, you do not have to select individual foods to eat.  These types of meal packages or shakes typically provide the right amount of calories and nutrition to achieve healthy weight loss.

The main purpose of meal replacement plans is to create a caloric deficit within your body, which will then cause the extra fat that is already stored to be burned for energy.  This will then result in a reduction of pounds, causing you to lose weight.  General muscle mass will most likely remain unchanged, unless combined with a weight training program.

Meal replacements and meal replacement shakes work to keep dieters from feeling hungry, which helps to curb snacking and nibbling during the day.  This in turn helps to keep you from falling victim to many of the common issues that come with other types of dieting programs.  Even though the replacement meals are somewhat smaller in size, you can eat them more frequently during the day, usually every couple of hours.

There are a variety of meal replacement options, and most eliminate sugar entirely.  Men and women also are provided with different meals as they tend to require different nutritional requirements.  Specialized meal options for people who have specific dietary needs (such as diabetics and vegetarians), as well as for those who are very active are also available.

So, it is really worthwhile to change your diet and take part in one of these programs?  There are a large number of people who say yes and have found these programs to provide great results, proving as much as five pounds of weight loss each week.  While these results are good, they are exceptional, as most people report losing roughly two pounds per week.

Meal replacement diets have another advantage as well.  While you do have to purchase the specialized meals, the cost is roughly equal to that of the amount traditionally spent on groceries.  This is not the case with other types of diet plans, such as those that require the use of expensive medications or supplements.  Also, there is no need to purchase extra vitamin supplements, since these programs are healthy and well balanced.

Finally, meal replacements can be stopped as soon as you reach your goal for weight loss.  You can then resume making your own meals, or continue on with the program as long as you wish.

Nutritional Supplements for Bariatric Surgery Patients

Bariatric surgery has been a life saver for a large number of overweight people all over the world.  While the surgery can help in a number of ways, it is important to understand that changes do have to be made following the procedure, and certain nutritional supplements may be needed.  Because of this issue, certain lines of supplements such as Bariatric Advantage, and Bariatric Fusion have been developed to help patients receive the necessary nutrition.

Regardless of what brand or type of supplement you choose to use following bariatric surgery, it is important to ensure you select a product that contains the following key nutrients.

Iron:  Anemia is a common condition seen in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery.  The most common reason for this is because of an iron deficiency that is said to affect twenty to forty nine percent of all patients.  It is recommended that bariatric patients take a good quality multivitamin that contains iron and/or an iron supplement for an indefinite period.  Those who regularly consume a high amount of coffee, tea, or soda can cause iron interruption which can keep the body from properly absorbing iron.  Doctors often order blood tests to monitor iron levels in post surgical patients.

Calcium and Vitamin D:  Bariatric surgery can also cause the body to have difficulty absorbing calcium.  While multivitamins do contain some calcium, those who have had this procedure will need higher levels to maintain health.  It is recommended that patients ingest between one thousand and twelve hundred milligrams of extra calcium per day.  These supplements should be taken at least two hours before or after iron supplements are taken.  Since there are many different types of calcium supplements available on the market today, it is important to note that calcium citrate is more easily absorbed by those who have undergone bariatric surgery.  Vitamin D also helps the body to efficiently absorb calcium, and it is recommended that patients take one thousand IU of Vitamin D per day.

Vitamin B12:  Bariatric surgery also impedes the body’s ability to absorb and process Vitamin B12 that is found in food sources.  Since the amount of Vitamin B12 that is needed cannot be obtained in pill form, an alternative means is needed.  It is recommended that patients receive shots of the vitamin on a monthly basis, or that it be administered sublingually every day, every other day, or each week depending on the dosage of the supplement recommended.