American Diabetes Association Alert Day

Celebrated every year in the month of March on the fourth Tuesday, American Diabetes Association Alert Day is a wake-up call for all Americans to familiarize them with the risks associated with Diabetes. It gives them an opportunity to understand the gravity associated with Diabetes and take a risk test to check their proneness to … Read more

National Nutrition Month: Spring Clean Your Diet

The winter season has been so cold. Trying to adapt yourself, there have to be some lifestyle changes you made. One of those changes might have included eating more often to feel warmer. To make the matters worse, you likely ate more refined foods. What’s more, you probably didn’t exercise much. As a result, you … Read more

Super Snack: Banana Bread

Popular good sources of great nutrients are fruits, and banana is among these nutritional fruits. This is why creating bread that has a banana ingredient is completely a healthy way for an afternoon snack. Banana is an edible fruit that contains vitamins and minerals including potassium. Specifically, the banana has vitamins B6, and C. Hence, … Read more

Presidential Food Facts

Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn about some facts on the food history of the American presidents? Hence, in anticipation of the President’s Day, here are fun facts about some of the presidential food over time. For President George Washington, his favorite foods were fish and nuts. Although, he also had an appetite for cherries, … Read more

The Best Pizza You’ll Ever Eat

Pizza is the most popular delish in today’s modern world, in fact, a national celebration has been created for it. Every February 9th, the country celebrates the National Pizza Day. On this day, different pizza flavor recipes are prepared for everyone to enjoy. Every day a great number of people eat pizza. Hence, it is … Read more